Lucifer 7 won’t happen: here’s why

The series has reached its season finale, but this time there will be no continuation announcement: here's why

The sixth season of Lucifer went online on Netflix on September 10 and is officially the last chapter in the story of the king of the underworld and the detective. There won't be any new extraordinary announcements: the showrunners of the series knew since season five how and why everything would end. And they haven't changed their minds at all about Lucifer's finale.

Lucifer 6 marks the epilogue of one of the most watched and appreciated TV series by the people of Netflix. Both Tom Ellis and Lauren German had made it clear in a recent interview that the end of their characters was near. Not only that, they had reiterated that they would finally become partners. There are those who already know why, but if you haven't seen the last episodes of Lucifer yet, beware of the SPOILERS that follow. The season six finale is perfect: what fans have been expecting for a long time. Lucifer and Chloe's love story doesn't end, but it is consecrated in time and all thanks to the arrival of a new character: Rory, their daughter. Surprising her arrival, but it gives meaning to everything that happened in the seasons for Lucifer.

The idea of the showrunners

The creators have from the beginning thought that Lucifer's place should always be in the afterlife as the new therapist of the underworld, to give back a chance to the repentant. With him at his side Chloe. They succeeded: they achieved the happy ending that many were waiting for. Chloe and Lucy will be together forever in hell. Partners in LAPD cases, they will also be partners in the underworld to solve the most difficult cases of the lost souls of hell. This series finale had already been decided for the fifth season, but both the writers and Netflix had then chosen to extend the episodes.

The arrival of Lucifer and Chloe's daughter

Rory's arrival in the present, from the future, makes Lucifer understand awareness. The Devil discovers right away what his calling is and follows his daughter, even leaving his family, even if he won't see her grow up. He undertakes a real journey through time that ends when Rory finds his present. Then Lucy decides to return to her "birthplace": the underworld. We then see pregnant Chloe who continues to work tirelessly for the police. God will be the Devil's brother: Amenadiel.

Chloe will reunite with her beloved Lucifer only as an old woman, in the underworld, where they will live together as partners and solve the cases that every day arise in hell.

There will be no season week, the games are now done. What's left to do after watching season six and the best episodes of past ones, the only thing is to wait for a proper Lucifer movie, which, for now, remains a possibility for the future.

Neither the production nor Tom Ellis are ruling it out.