Lupin: when is the second season coming out?

The gentleman thief will return to streaming very soon: the new episodes are already ready and Netflix will make them available in a few months. Here are the previews

The character of Lupin, inspired by the novels of Maurice Leblanc, has been revisited in many ways: we have seen him in the cinema, but also on TV, especially in the animated series that became famous in the nineties.

In January 2021 he landed on streaming and in a few weeks he obtained a record of views: more than 70 million subscribers worldwide watched the first part of Lupin, consisting of five episodes, turning it into the second most watched title after The Witcher. The last episode left the audience with bated breath. On the other hand, the series was born from a collaboration between important figures of the scene: it is created by George Kay and Fran├žois Uzan, while the direction is by Louis Leterrier and Marcela Said. The series played by Omar Sy in the role of the gentleman thief is now preparing to conquer the audience with a second season always on Netflix.

TV series Lupin 2: release

The first season of the TV series is officially made up of ten episodes, whose filming has been completed for some time now. The production decided to release them in two phases: the first five episodes were released in January 2021 on Netflix, while the others should be from the next few months. Unfortunately, the production has not made official the release date, but it is talked about spring 2021.

Lupin second season: plot

In the first part we learned about Assane Diop, played by actor Omar Sy. He is in charge of cleaning the Louvre and one day he starts to mature an idea: to steal a precious necklace that originally belonged to Marie Antoinette. His real goal, however, is to avenge his father, who years earlier was convicted of a crime he didn't commit.

In the last episode, Assane and what appears to be his ex-wife Claire (played by Ludvine Sangier) are desperately searching for their recently missing son. The kidnapping will probably be used to blackmail Assane in the second season.

Lupin 2: Omar Sy's Revelations

During an interview with Variety magazine, Omar Sy described his character while also giving some clues about the continuation of the story. He is an intelligent man who uses his head a lot, but often has trouble expressing his feelings. His son is in danger and he will have to learn to let his instincts lead him.

Sy added that his character behaves similarly in the novels written by Leblanc: he sympathizes with the police and often empathizes with Detective Ganimard. In fact, in the books Lupin even becomes his friend.

In the second season we will definitely see the evolution, both of Assane's character, and of his relationship with the police organs.

Those who still haven't had a chance to watch the first five episodes of Lupin will find them available on Netflix.