Mac, does your hard drive have a problem? How to recover data

Without spending thousands, you can try to recover data from a damaged hard drive by resorting to easy-to-implement solutions

There are several reasons why a Mac won't boot properly. One of the main, and most worrying, is that the computer has a problem with the hard drive. In such cases, the first thing to do is to try to quickly recover all the data contained in the memory.

Before starting the file recovery procedure, it is advisable to try to solve the problem by launching Disk Utility, a tool present in macOS that allows you to repair a corrupted disk, on the PC produced by the Californian company. If the system didn't work, it is necessary to go through other ways, before the hard disk abandons us completely. First, you'll have to save the "salvageable". Find an external memory unit and start transferring all the data. If, on the other hand, the PC doesn't want to reboot, recovering some data is quite simple. Contacts and emails are usually stored on the email provider's servers.

How to recover data from the hard disk

Music can be recovered even if the hard disk is "dead". In fact, Apple gives the possibility to re-download a song purchased on iTunes. And then there's iCloud, useful for finding photos saved in Apple's cloud or many other information. For documents, if they are printed, just scan the paper and bring them back to memory.

What to do, instead, for all the other data if the hard disk does not start? Without spending thousands of dollars, you could try using specific software that will work on corrupted hard drives. In such cases, however, it is advisable to install the programs on external storage media.

One of the most widely used solutions for recovering data from hard drives is called Date Rescue One, a non-free tool that includes, in addition to the software, a 500GB or 1TB drive on which the recovered files are conveyed. The system is also very easy to use: you start it up and the program does the rest. Another program for recovering data stored on Apple computers is Mac Data Recovery Guru, an intuitive and uncomplicated software. Download it from the official website, select the hard drive and data to be recovered and start scanning. We close with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery, another useful and easy-to-use software for recovering files from a Mac hard drive.