MacBooks are hiding coins. And no one knows why. Photo

Some users, disassembling their Apple notebook, occasionally find a coin. Is it a prank devised by Cupertino, or a manufacturing error?

A U.S. user, who goes by the name Greatease, discovered and immediately posted pictures of a penny discovered under the cover of the SuperDrive of his MacBook. He is not, however, the first to find this kind of surprise in an Apple product. No one has, however, yet understood why.

Everyone will have happened to ask themselves questions about inexplicable and mysterious things. For example, how did the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids, or if we are alone in the Universe. Well, to the list we can add this one: why does Apple scatter pennies inside its products, and particularly in MacBooks? Finding one is less rare than it seems, and those who have tried to ask the Cupertino giant about it have never managed to get an explanation. And when someone finds a coin, the most absurd hypotheses start circulating again.

Heads or tails?

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The last person to find a coin - specifically an American penny (one cent) - in plain sight under the transparent cover of the SuperDrive of his MacBook was a certain Greatease who published the images of the discovery on Imgur. There are those who consider it a great stroke of luck, a sign of destiny, someone hypothesizes - instead - that it is simply an accident in the manufacturing phase. It had also happened to Greg Kilpatrick in 2010 when, opening his MacBook Pro to increase the RAM memory, he found and filmed his discovery: a good quarter on top of his burner. When he reported the episode on a forum, users went wild and some claimed to have found something similar, penny more or penny less. More finds followed in 2013 and 2016. The curious thing is that the coins are all of different denominations, of different origins, and found in different models of MacBooks. Will it be a way to thank users who have purchased an Apple product, or a simple goliardic joke by Cupertino? Who knows! The question remains, however, without a valid explanation.

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