Magic Leap, images of the first AR visor unveiled?

A bulky device has popped up in photos on the internet, but the American company denies that it is in fact a viewer for augmented reality

Surfacing on the net is a prototype  that some claim represents the first viewer of Magic Leap, a well-known American company specializing in virtual and augmented reality solutions.

The startup, however, has firmly denied that the images popped up recently on the internet actually refer to the new visor for augmented reality. And considering the measurements, one would hope that this is indeed the case. The shots, in fact, show a device that more than a wearable looks like a backpack. According to the alleged "leaks", the bulky device would be the computer unit to which connect the AR viewer. Not really, then, an object wearable with ease. The rumors had also provided details regarding the codename of the device: "PEQ0". But the American company has not remained silent and sent back the news.

Nothing official for now

Magic Leap had to, therefore, take a position and clarify that the "wearable", circulated on the internet, is actually a device used by the startup to collect data on machine learning projects to which it is working. Nothing more then. The only and perhaps reliable news about the first AR device of the U.S. startup come from some shots "stolen" from a patent. In the images appeared on the web are shown the viewers connected to a small "box", which probably contains the hardware of the intelligent device. Despite the rumors, true or false that they are, at the moment the startup has not officially revealed any details about the alleged AR wearable nor in relation to other possible devices.

Little news, but a lot of money

This is not the first time that the American company is forced to come out of the closet to deny the news circulated on the net. One of Magic Leap's main strong points is its absolute reserve. Secrecy that certainly hasn't slowed down the many backers, as demonstrated by the billions of dollars that the startup has managed to collect since its birth. And the expectations for the launch of its first product meanwhile grow.