“Magic the Gathering: Arena”, how to play online

One of the most famous strategy titles introduces several new features to attract even more gamers. Here's what's new in Magic the gatherng: Arena

Over a billion games played, doubled the gamer audience and a new Esport program thanks to Mythic Champions events. And then: new formats and card sets along with special events and rewards. These are the numbers and the novelties introduced in the new Open Beta of Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Great success for the famous strategy board game and "replicated" for PC by the developers of the famous digital studios Wizards of the Coast. The game can be downloaded on the computer for free and allows players to launch challenges to overcome in order to get a variety of rewards such as in-game currency, collectible cards and booster packs. In Magic: The Gathering Arena, players can directly access the competitive mode using specially designed decks of cards, which they earn by playing tutorials reserved for new members.

The Throne of Eldraine

Thanks to the expansion of "The Throne of Eldraine", players can test their skills to prevail in a world torn between two fantastic realities: the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and the legends of the saga of King Arthur. This is an important update, dedicated to all the fans of the mythical game characterized by a deep gameplay. The beta introduces new sets of cards with unprecedented content associated with them, as well as a series of unique events and challenges, starting with the free-access one called Play Any Deck / Win Any Card that will be available starting this weekend.

"Magic the Gathering: Arena": what's new

Other new features include a fresh start for the Standard format; special In-Game "Play Any Deck/Win Any Card" events, which offer players the chance to use any deck in Standard along with the opportunity to win any card in the format; and new Mastery Passes, which will start with The Throne of Eldraine, allowing players to earn XP through play as well as a variety of exciting rewards as they level up. Finally, the game, a landmark of the fantasy genre, presents an even deeper strategy thanks to its vast collection of cards, the largest in the world in the panorama of digital collectible card games.