Mario Day, because on March 10 we celebrate Super Mario

Super Mario is much more than just a video game character, he has become an icon of our society. That's why we're celebrating Mario Day

Thirty-three years and not feeling it. On the contrary. The more time passes, the younger he looks. Super Mario must have discovered the secret of the elixir of life if after thirty-three years he still manages to fascinate millions of people of all ages, young and old. The debut of the Italian plumber was in 1985 with the title Super Mario Bros for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). From there it has been a success after another, so as to become one of the most iconic characters ever.

And to celebrate the importance that has gained in the world, Nintendo for a couple of years organizes every March 10 Mario Day. There is no particular event to celebrate on this date, but very simply the March 10 written in the form of "Mar10", graphically looks very much like the word "Mario". For the occasion Nintendo has organized several events throughout, with an eye to Japan, where Super Mario is a true "hero of video games". Anyone who wants to can share their passion for the Italian plumber on social media by leaving a comment using the hashtag #Mar10.

Even Google is participating in Mario Day

Mario Day is not an event that only concerns fans of video games. Among the many events organized for the event, there will also be a surprise developed by Google for its maps service. Those who use Google Maps will be able to "meet" Super Mario with his go-kart speeding on the maps of the service. Users, in fact, will be able to use the Italian plumber on his go-kart as an indicator of position. An original stunt that will remind everyone that March 10 is Mario Day. Thirty-three years after the launch of Super Mario Bros and with over 100 appearances in video games, Super Mario is still ready to surprise and adapt to the world around him.