Meitu M8, the selfie-smartphone of Sailor Moon

The Chinese company has made a smartphone inspired by Salirom Moon, will have cameras designed for selfies and will cost about 430 euros

Imagine taking a selfie shouting "Power of the Moon Crystal". Of course to do this you had to really be a fan of the Sailor Moon cartoon. If that fascinates you, you can stop imagining it, because Meitu has created M8, the selfie-smartphone inspired by Sailor Moon.

Meitu is a Chinese company famous for its viral selfie apps. While the M8 is nothing but the evolution of another smartphone of the company, namely the T8. As you can easily think the phones of the Chinese company are famous in the market for their front cameras designed, almost exclusively, to make your selfies unique. And the M8 will also focus heavily on this aspect. With an addition, a vintage touch, related to the famous Japanese cartoon Sailor Moon. The cartoon inspires the design of both the smartphone Meitu and the selfie stick, included with the device.

The camera of the Meitu M8

As mentioned, the strong point of this smartphone are the cameras. The front one is a 12-megapixel Sony. The rear one is always a Sony but 21-megapixel. The display of the Meitu M8 is 5.2 inches. On board we find a Helio X20 chipset with 4GB of RAM. While the battery is 3000mAh. The Sailor Moon phone is currently on sale only in China, where it has been a big hit thanks to the sponsorship of Asian star Angelababy. However, the Chinese company has stated that the smartphone will also be sold in the United States. In addition, there will be new colors available to users such as blue, red, white and pink. Finally, for fans, there will also be a Hello Kitty version. To buy the Meitu M8 you need about 430 euros and the smartphone will be produced in just 10 thousand copies.

The video in the opening is taken from the site of the company 
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