Messenger and Messenger Lite, differences between the two messaging apps

If our device is low on memory we can consider installing Messenger Lite, here are the differences with the "classic" app

With around 1.3 million monthly active users Facebook Messenger is, along with WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging platform in the world.

In addition to messaging, the Messenger app can be used to send GIFs, animations, emoji, post Stories, and play games.

All of these features, however, come at a price: the Facebook Messenger app is heavy. Depending on the smartphone, downloading the app may slow down the performance of the device.

Unfortunately, however, the Menlo Park giant has created Facebook Messenger Lite.

If you're wondering what Facebook Lite is, here it is explained.

It is the app identical to Facebook Messenger in its graphics but in a "light" version because it does not have all the functions present in the original application. Precisely because of these "functional limitations", Facebook had planned to launch Messenger Lite only in India and the African continent. Also to allow users with outdated mobile devices or with a poor Internet connection to make the best use of its services.

Because of the success, however, the app was then released on Android almost all over the world, including Italy.

Differences between Messenger and Messenger Lite

How does Messenger work and how does Messenger Lite work?

Let's try to understand it through what differentiates the Lite version of Facebook Messenger from the original one.

Messenger Lite is lighter

Having fewer functions and features it is normal that the main difference between Messenger Lite and Messenger is the specific weight of the application.

Messenger Lite weighs only 25MB while the original version around 199 MB.

Messenger Lite uses less resources

Whether in use or closed, the Messenger Lite app uses less resources, hence less memory space. This benefits smartphones with 2GB on board, which are definitely more responsive.

Messenger Lite doesn't download photos directly

To take up less memory space, Messenger Lite doesn't automatically download received photos unless you click on them.

Messenger Lite has a simpler interface

The interface of the two apps is also different. In Messenger Lite, it's much simpler: it's divided into three sections - recent conversations and active contacts, address book and settings - accessible via buttons on the top bar.

All features dedicated to games, audio calls, videos and "Days," the Messenger version of Instagram Stories, are missing.

Also, with Messenger Lite, you can't send GIFs, bots or add reactions to individual messages. Instead, you can send and receive photos, stickers, and audio messages.

Messenger Lite is less secure

A big lack of Lite is on the security level, lacking protection with end-to-end encryption for conversations.

Messenger Lite works on 2G networks

Finally, remember that Messenger Lite is designed to work on 2G networks.

When is Messenger Lite recommended?

Facebook Messenger Lite has less functionality than the full version, as we have seen. However, it remains polished and pleasant to use.

Those who use an inexpensive smartphone or are in areas where the cost of internet connection is high, can choose Messenger Lite without feeling the need for the more elaborate version.