Messenger, in Android beta version integrates a data saver

Facebook Messenger continues its work for saving data and develops a data saver. The feature is currently available in the beta version of Android

Some of you have surely happened to run out of internet traffic after using Facebook Messenger with a certain frequency. Result? Either you wait for the next renewal of the offer, or you have to put your hands in your wallet and recharge in advance.

In fact, there is a way to save data traffic without giving up using the Facebook app, and it is launched by the social network created by Zuckerberg. The next version of Messenger will include a function able to lighten the consumption of data used by the application. To save traffic, the app will change the way it downloads the multimedia content that users receive, such as videos and images. Facebook Messenger currently doesn't allow users to choose what they want to download, as it downloads automatically.

How Data Saver Works

With the new version of Messenger, data consumption can be reduced by enabling Data Saver. How does it work? The feature will allow you to select which images and videos you want to download. Obviously this feature, whether activated or not, will not affect the simple reception of messages. The new Messenger will also have a counter through which it will be possible to monitor the data traffic that the application has saved. It is also useful to remember that the Data Saver will only work when the data connection is activated, while when using Wi-Fi Messenger will operate normally. There is still no news on when the update will be launched, at the moment there is only a beta version available for Android.