Meta: Zuckerberg calls Khaby Lame to explain the new Facebook

Zuckerberg chooses Khaby Lame for the launch of Meta, the new Facebook: jumping from one world to another of the Metaverse is "as simple as clicking a link"

In the commercial chosen by Mark Zuckerberg for the launch of Meta there could not be a more famous face: to explain to the public "the social network revolution" there is Khaby Lame, the very young influencer from Chivasso who became famous on TikTok.

The Meta spot with Khaby Lame

In the Meta promotional spot, obviously published on social media by the new company of the Facebook CEO, the only protagonists, besides Mark Zuckerberg, are the Metaverse and Khaby Lame.

The Italian TikToker jumps from one reality to another to show how simple it is, in the concept of the Metaverse that animates the new project of the Facebook CEO, to interact with the new technology.

"No one makes getting around in the metaverse look as easy as Khaby Lame," is Meta's official communication for the launch of the spot.

All Lame needs is a gesture, the same gesture used by Dragon Ball characters, to jump from one world to another in an instant. From a game of chess to a Caribbean beach, all the way back to Zuckerberg's backyard, "teleporting into the metaverse is as simple as clicking a link" - or as in Dragon Ball.

And there really is no better testimonial than Lame, perhaps, to convince the general public that Meta will be simple to use and affordable, as well as revolutionary.

Teleportation from one world to another

Teleportation has been in people's dreams since before the twentieth century, when science fiction still fed on unrealistic fantasies - some of which are now becoming reality.

Exploration of other planets, implantation of microchips in the human body, cellular reprogramming and now teleportation. Virtual, of course. From one world to another, not of the known universe, but of an artificial universe created for us by Facebook's Deus ex Machina, because the evolution of social networks is far from over, according to Zuckerberg.

"Your home is your personal space" says Meta's CEO in the commercial, "from here you can teleport wherever you want" - as does the young Khaby Lame, with that now so familiar "amazed" face.

With Meta, Zuckerberg plans to completely transform - in the next ten years - the experience on the web thanks to virtual and augmented reality, which he is developing thanks to Oculus.

What Zuckerberg calls "the next chapter of the internet and our society" is an extremely ambitious project, which will certainly need to be understood and accepted by the general public, before getting into full swing.

According to its creator, Meta will reach a billion people: it must therefore be simple, immediate, friendly. And probably there is no better testimonial than the Italian influencer, to reassure the future users of the Metaverse that there is nothing simpler than jumping from one world to another from the comfort of your own home.