Michael Schumacher, relive the champion’s achievements with an app

On the day of his 50th birthday, the association created by the Schumacher family publishes an app to relive the F1 champion's greatest achievements

An app to celebrate all his greatest successes. This is the gift that the Keep Fighting Foundation has made to Michael Schumacher on the day of his 50th birthday. As everyone knows, the German champion has been fighting for five years against the consequences of a fall on skis that caused damage to brain cells and spinal cord. In the last few days, in view of his fiftieth birthday, reassuring news have come out: Michael Schumacher is slowly recovering, even if some physical damage is permanent.

The Ferrari driver is cared for every day by fifteen professionals in his home in Switzerland.

Let's talk about the app. The name of the app is "Schumacher. The Official App" and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Inside there is exclusive content that allows you to relive the German driver's greatest victories. A section is also dedicated to statistics and all the records he has broken in almost twenty years of his successful career in Formula 1.

Schumacher. The Offical App: the available contents

The gift that the Keep Fighting Foundation (created by the Schumacher family itself) wanted to make to Michael, is actually a gift to all fans of the German driver. Once you download and install the app, you enter the magical world of Schumacher. The app is divided into five sections: The Champion, Racing, Michael Schumacher Private Collection, Keep Fighting Collection and Schumoji.

Inside "The Champion" there is one of the last interviews given by the German champion, a 3D view of the kartdrome where Michael became great, the Formula 1 circuits on which he raced, all his most important records and statistics of the Grand Prix he raced.

The "Racing" section is not yet available and will be in a few months. From what the developers say, it will be a unique experience where fans will be able to enter the pit lane and live a Grand Prix as protagonists.

"Michael Schumacher Private Collection", as you can understand from the name, is a section dedicated to all the cars in the private collection of the German driver. The user can have a close look at all the cars that the Ferrari champion has driven during his many years in Formula 1.

In the "Keep Fighting Foundation" section there is information about the foundation, its objectives and a link to visit the website. You can also donate a small amount and help the foundation in its scientific researches.

Schumoji is actually not a section, but a reference to another application that allows you to download emoji starring Schumacher himself and his son Mick, fresh winner of the F3 championship and ready to make the big jump to the world of Formula 1.