Microsoft changes plans for HoloLens, in 2019 the third version

The U.S. company after canceling the second model of its mixed reality viewers is working on an even more cutting-edge version

A little over two years ago Microsoft showed the world the first HoloLens. For Redmond it's a wearable holographic computer, for the rest of the world it's augmented reality viewers. And meanwhile, Microsoft has accelerated its new projects on the subject.

The HoloLens are viewers that allow you to overlay the digital world with the analog one and at the same time amplify many everyday experiences. For example, they can tell us where a sound is coming from and have several sensors and cameras that help with movement. However, the price is given by the price, at the moment above 3 thousand euros. Microsoft, however, is shuffling the cards. It has announced the cancellation of the second series of devices, a fact that has disappointed experts and developers, and has in mind a revolution for the future of its visors for augmented reality.

The future of HoloLens

According to what the site Thurrott reports at the time of the first launch Microsoft had planned a roadmap for the release of future versions. This is quite normal and is a practice for almost all companies in technology. Microsoft, however, in the last period has worked so well compared to initial expectations that it is thinking of skipping version "two" to launch directly on the market the third generation of HoloLens.

Projects and release date of HoloLens

Microsoft is not in a big hurry because at the moment in the field of augmented reality and mixed reality has a huge advantage over virtually every other company. That's why the new HoloLens should come out only in 2019. The company doesn't want, in fact, to update the current model but will want, in a couple of years, to upset the habits of users with a product even more powerful and with cutting-edge features. Those who expected a cheaper version for this or next year therefore will be disappointed.