Microsoft Edge Canary, how to enable colored themes

Microsoft launches a new customization option for Edge Canary browser: how to enable colored themes

Microsoft is continuously working to offer new customization features for its browsers and now comes colored themes for Edge Canary. The experimental feature is already available for the Chromium-based browser and you'll be able to choose from 15 different color options to enable in a few simple steps.

Both the official version of Edge and the Canary one already offer the possibility of customization to users who choose them as browser, for example between light or dark theme. Or, allowing you to set custom themes to be added through ad-hoc extension downloads. Microsoft now aims to improve its browser even more, inserting for now only in the Beta version of Edge Canary the possibility to change the color of the theme from the default one. If the tests are successful, very soon the version could be released for Microsoft Edge as well.

How to enable colored themes on Edge Canary

The interface of Microsoft Edge in the beta Canary version can be further customized by setting new colored themes, which will affect both the toolbar and pop-up windows. To enable the color themes you need to start Edge Canary and access the Flags experimental features page by typing edge://flags.

After opening the screen, look for the Enable picker for color based themes item and opening the drop-down menu on the right choose the Enabled option rather than Default or Disabled. In order for the changes to take effect, you will need to click Restart and relaunch the browser.

How to set color themes on Edge Canary

Now that the feature has been enabled correctly you just need to start experimenting with the various colors and choose the one you like the most. To do that you need to click on the three horizontally aligned dots in the top right corner of the toolbar, scroll down to Settings and then open the Appearance page.

In the new screen you will immediately see the 15 color variations to choose from: default, light gray, dark gray, dark blue, medium blue, light pink. pink, mint, teal, gray/blue, purple, red, yellow, orange and green. By clicking on the color you prefer, it will be automatically applied to the Edge Canary window and you can start using the browser with the custom setting.