Microsoft Edge safer: repels malware with virtual machines

Microsoft has launched a new version of Edge that makes users' browsing much safer. It is only available in the Business version of Windows

Microsoft is determined to turn Edge into the best browser on the market and to do so is developing new features that will surely make users happy. After the updates received with Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft has also released Windows Defender Application Guard, a feature that will allow users to defend themselves against malware.

The update for the moment is only available for users using Windows 10 Insider Preview Build, the beta version of the operating system. The Redmond-based company had announced the update a few months ago, but it was only released in the last few days. Thanks to the introduction of Windows Defender Application Guard, users' browsing will be much safer and it will protect computers from viruses and Trojans. Microsoft is working hard on its antivirus (Windows Defender) to make it an essential tool for every person's computer.

How Windows Defender Application Guard Works

The operation of Windows Defender Application Guard is very unique. The feature is not active by default on the browser and it is up to the user to choose when to use it. By pressing on Microsoft Edge's menu icon, there will be the option "New Application Guard window". Pressing it will open a tab that will be isolated from the others and that will work in a completely different way. In fact, the window will use a virtual machine so that it will never come into contact with the rest of the computer: malware and viruses won't be able to infect the user's hard drive.

Logically, there are still a few issues to solve before the feature is officially released. When opening a window under the protection of Windows Defender Application Guard, browsing is much slower and all saved data will be lost once the session ends. Also, for now the feature is reserved for Business users only.