Microsoft Flight Simulator, fans happy: what you can fly

Microsoft Flight Simulator lives a period of turmoil: in addition to the arrival on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, the title is preparing to welcome a series of news.

Microsoft Flight Simulator according to several fans is the best simulator ever made. Whether or not you like the world of aviation and whether or not you want to be at the helm of an airliner or a piper, Microsoft Flight Simulator has the extreme realism of flight simulation.

Simulation to which helicopters will be added next year, further increasing the possibility of flying in the sky with the means that you prefer. So the work of expansion and improvement of which Microsoft Flight Simulator is the object continues, and in a short time - relatively to its release, almost forty years ago! - will live a whole series of firsts: in a week's time the title will land on Microsoft's latest generation consoles, Xbox Series X|S, on the same day - June 27 - it will receive a whole series of performance improvements, and then it will also arrive on PlayStation 5, although it will lack HDR and 120 fps, all features that Microsoft users will benefit from on Xbox.

New features and arrival on Xbox

Developers at Asobo Studio have told the enthusiast community what's in store for Microsoft Flight Simulator, confirming the schedule of improvements and new features coming between now and September and announcing which new features will debut by the 2022 deadline.

And if, as mentioned, the expansion on new platforms such as Xbox Series X|S is now a matter of days, in the coming weeks, precisely on August 24, will arrive the update referred to as World Update 6 that will bring new locations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The most voted novelties (and coming soon)

But as said at the beginning, the most important novelty will certainly arrive during the next year and is the introduction of helicopters among the means that can be piloted. The development team has shared an image that includes a list of the most requested novelties by the community of fans, and at the first place there is just that of helicopters.

"Helicopters are a must" is in fact first with over 1.500 votes, followed about 150 behind by the multiple screen feature, and a hundred or so votes further back is a mode that allows replays to be managed.

All three will happen, with the introduction of helicopters being marked as "planned" with release scheduled for 2022. An understandable rough indication as it's hard to make predictions if development hasn't started yet. Unlike the remaining two new features, both in development and with release planned by the end of the year for replay management and between 2021 and 2022 for multiple screens.

There is a fourth request to have exceeded a thousand "show of hands", and this too will be done: the introduction of support for DirectX 12 is already in development and will arrive by the end of the year. It's likely, and even desirable, that Asobo and Microsoft will end up updating fans again by the end of the year to provide more precise release times for the remaining features.