Microsoft: ready to launch a new Windows Phone by the end of the year

The U.S. company is working on a new smartphone with top processor and camera, and there are new rumors about the long-awaited Surface Phone

According to several rumors Microsoft is working to launch a new Windows Phone by the end of the year. Unfortunately for fans of the genre we are not talking, at least for the moment, the expected Surface Phone, but a likely update of an existing model.

In recent hours on the Net have begun to circulate many rumors, led by the German site WindowsUnited, an expert on rumors at home Microsoft, according to which the U.S. company is working in recent months to launch a new smartphone on the market. The goal is to succeed by the fall of this year. Obviously it will be a device with Windows 10 on board and should have some features such as camera and processor at the top. Unfortunately, however, will only be a "child" of the already seen Lumia 950 and 950 XL. No Surface Phone then, to the detriment of the great expectation that circulates over this device outside and inside Microsoft.

The partnership with Qualcomm

The great disappointment for users comes mainly from the many criticisms of the Windows Store, which still contains few apps and very few of the most popular ones available instead on Android and iOS. However, there is great curiosity to understand if the new smartphone can take advantage of the new collaboration between Microsoft and Qualcomm. Someone has also spoken of a phone capable of running Win32 software. But for the moment there are no certainties about it.

Surface Phone

Surface Phone is the most awaited mobile device at Microsoft. For many it is just a mirage for others, such as the German site DrWindows is a solid reality. Also because the U.S. company is working hard to make a smartphone with Windows 10 on ARM processor, this would represent an opening to various apps now unavailable, all seasoned with excellent performance. According to some internal rumors Surface Phone should arrive in early 2019, but from DrWindows make it known that Microsoft seen the recent good results could anticipate the output to 2018. Will Microsoft within a year has made a real personal revolution in the smartphone industry?