Microsoft: record sales for Surface Pro 4 at the expense of MacBooks

The company said it was happy for an excellent November in terms of sales for the tablet especially since it acquired several old Apple users

Microsoft has targeted Mac users. And the result seems to be positive on both fronts. The heavy focus on advertising the Surface tablet led to a record-breaking November. With Black Friday, Microsoft was able to boost sales of its device at the expense of Apple's options.

The switch from Mac to Surface. Microsoft still hasn't released exact sales numbers for the Surface Pro 4 in November, but the company said it was fully satisfied with a month that went beyond early expectations. In addition, Microsoft said it was excited about its campaign to acquire MacBook customers. Again, Microsoft didn't release exact data but confirmed that never before in November 2016 have disgruntled users of Apple devices switched to Surface. This information could also be confirmed by the various complaints from Apple users about the new MacBook Pro.

The new Surface Book

In conjunction with this positive data for the company, Microsoft announced that the new Surface Book is now pre-orderable in Australia, New Zealand, and will arrive in Austria, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, and the UK early next quarter.