Microsoft Surface Duo 2 will be full of new features

Last year's project can be improved: Microsoft knows it, and is working hard on Surface Duo 2 both from the hardware and software point of view.

With Surface Duo, Microsoft about a year ago put on paper its idea of the future, at least the short-term future. No effort to design devices complex to produce and fragile for the daily life of many as the foldable smartphones that are going for the most, yes instead to projects such as Surface Duo.

Smartphone, that of Microsoft, which is preparing to have a heir, Microsoft Surface Duo 2. The line of the company is therefore quite clear, and passes from products yes foldable but without flexible displays: better two displays held together by a hinge to fold them on themselves. Simple to produce, just as easy to use and economical, which is not a minor factor in light of the difficulties that are encountering products such as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold (whose third generation is coming) due to high prices. Now Microsoft is ready to try again with Surface Duo 2, insisting on the same concepts. Here's what has emerged so far.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2, the design

The images of Surface Duo 2, which came out of a YouTube channel on whose reliability then we can discuss widely, depict a device with the same basic concept of its predecessor.

Stands out, for example, the arrangement of three rear cameras, when the predecessor had just one: if so, then the Microsoft product would make a big jump, and it is said that in addition to the numbers on the cameras will grow hand in hand with the quality of shots and filming.

For the rest, however, the design of the camera group is pretty standard, seen dozens of times on other phones: the sensors are stacked "traffic light", and the "bumper" that contains them forms a step compared to the rest of the rear surface. It also seems rather pronounced, although, it must be said, from similar photos is difficult to judge, but if so it could also mean that Microsoft has included a telephoto lens, a sensor that is able to reproduce the optical zoom.

Two colors provided, with the novelty consisting of a dark blue that will complement the white already present last year. Too bad we can not take a look at the opposite surface.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2, hardware and software news

On the front of technical specifications Microsoft would not intend, from what is said, to make the same mistakes of the past generation, which for example came with a chip - the Snapdragon 855 - which already in September 2020 was certainly not fresh from launch.

On Microsoft Surface Duo 2 could therefore be the top of the range Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 888 that will bring full compatibility with the 5G network infrastructure. NFC, another illustrious absentee of the current product, and even artificial intelligence to improve the quality of photos and videos will arrive.

But Microsoft, according to rumors, would focus mainly on software. According to sources who preferred to remain anonymous, Microsoft would be working fervently to enhance the user experience also through the commitment to provide faster and more consistent updates over time.

It is said that Microsoft Surface Duo 2 may arrive in the fall. Nothing yet on pricing.