Microsoft Surface Duo official, the smartphone with two screens arrives

Microsoft unveils its first foldable smartphone with two screens: next September 10 on sale the Surface Duo

Surface Duo, the foldable smartphone with two screens from Microsoft, is preparing to debut next September 10. Almost a year after the presentation and after the rumors of recent days, Microsoft has unveiled the features and price of its foldable smartphone that will be sold in the United States.

The selling price starts at $ 1399 for Surface Duo, which integrates the versatility of an Android operating system with the tools and services of Microsoft 365. Thanks to Windows Virtual Desktop, Surface Duo will also be able to work on Windows 10. The foldable smartphone is made with two individual 5.6-inch screens, but once the 360-degree hinge is opened, the PixelSens Fusion display reaches an 8.1-inch diagonal. Microsoft has set the debut for next September and the Surface Duo will be available in the U.S., but no date has been set for the launch in Europe and elsewhere.

Surface Duo, the features of Microsoft's foldable

Microsoft has unveiled the main features of its first foldable smartphone. Surface Duo can count on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 6 GB of RAM and two internal memory sizes of 128 GB or 256 GB, but there is no provision for storage expansion. The two 5.6-inch AMOLED displays have 1800×1350 pixel resolution, but opening the hinge gives a single 8.1-inch screen with 2700×1800 pixel resolution. It's also equipped with a fingerprint sensor and a 3577 mAh battery that supports fast charging at 18 W.

In addition to supporting Android 10, major Microsoft 365 features are present including Office, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Edge, OneNote, To Do, News and Play Store. There is also no shortage of support for the Surface Pen, but it is not included in the retail package. The foldable smartphone is designed to provide the best possible user experience, especially in the business environment, with a focus on data protection. The firmware components are managed by the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), which allows Microsoft to be able to promptly resolve security issues.

Surface Duo, price and launch date

The launch date for Surface Duo at the moment has been set by Microsoft to next September 10. Almost a year after its presentation, the Surface Duo arrives on the market in the United States, where it can be purchased in pre-order at the Microsoft Store, AT&T and Best Buy at a starting price of $ 1399 for the version with 128 GB of internal memory, about 1185 euros at current exchange rates, and $ 1499 for the version with 256 GB of internal memory, about 1270 euros.