Microsoft Teams, the Office social for workgroups

Microsoft Teams is the new tool integrated into Office 365 that allows you to create a shared workspace between members of a workgroup

Microsoft Teams, after several rumors, was finally unveiled at an event organized in New York yesterday afternoon and is in direct competition with Slack, the startup launched three years ago, and Facebook Workplace announced in early October. Who will win?

Microsoft Teams is a new work environment integrated into Office 365 that includes in a single platform all the productivity tools developed by the Redmond-based company. The objective is not new: to simplify internal communication between colleagues because work, by now, is increasingly in teams and, above all, in chat. It is what, by now in jargon, is defined software-as-a-service, that is a product to be used mostly online. Microsoft Teams is available for testing since last Wednesday, practically yesterday, in 181 countries and 18 languages and for everyone from the beginning of next year.

Slack welcomes Microsoft Teams

The reactions to Microsoft Teams - although perhaps it would be better to call them challenges - were not long in coming. Slack, in fact, has taken the trouble to buy a whole page of the New York Times to write a long letter to those of Redmond in which, in extreme synthesis, ironically welcomes the new competitor and informs him that "Dear Microsoft" ... "you may be big and fat, but you won't make it." A start with a bang, in short, and a lot of publicity for both.

Microsoft Teams in detail

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Office 365 doesn't need much introduction since it's been around since June 2011. Microsoft Teams is, perhaps, the piece that was most missed. Si tratta, per usare le stesse parole scelte da Satya Nadella – CEO di Microsoft – di un nuovo ambiente “chat-based workspace” che unisce conversazioni, condivisione di file, gruppi e cloud storage. Le chat, per impostazione predefinita, sono visibili all’intero team – con tanto di gif, sticker, emoji e meme – per rendere le conversazioni più personali, ma sono consentite anche discussioni private. Tutto senza siti internet dedicati e nessun bisogno di registrarsi: Teams consente di accedere alle chat di gruppo semplicemente tramite un dispositivo Microsoft. Il workspace può essere personalizzato secondo le proprie esigenze.

Microsoft-Teams-interna.jpgFonte foto: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams

Skype, cloud e crittografia

Non poteva, ovviamente, mancare Skype for Business profondamente integrato in Microsoft Teams e che consente di effettuare chiamate vocali e video conferenze. Microsoft, on the security side, exploits cloud technology for data storage, which is transferred via an encrypted connection of the latest generation. In addition, there is two-step authentication and Active Directory login.

For many but not yet for all

Microsoft Teams is currently in preview, or trial, in 181 countries and 18 languages, for those who have a subscription to the Business Essentials, Business Premium and Enterprise editions of Office 365. The service will be available to all enterprise customers within the first three months of next year.

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