Mighty, the MP3 player to listen to Spotify music offline

Mighty is a small MP3 player that allows you to sync your Spotify playlists and not have to use your smartphone to listen to music

After long delays the Mighty device, launched through a campaign on the famous crowdfunding site Kickstarter, is ready for shipping. Don't know what it is? Simple, it's an MP3 player to listen offline to Spotify music. Its market cost is about 85 euros.

After several delays, the manufacturer has made it known that all devices will be shipped by next July 30. And for those who couldn't bid on Kickstarter? No problem, just go to Mighty's website to purchase one. But basically what does this item do for music playback? Simple, it allows us to leave the smartphone at home and go out, to run or to do any kind of workout, without having to give up our favorite songs. The device in fact has Spotify integrated, just register our account. An object to have absolutely for lovers of running and outdoor activities.


At the moment Mighty is available in orange, black and white. While initially it was supposed to be green like Spotify. It connects to the smartphone in case of need via Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. It has a carbon frame and from the first information should be resistant to sweat and dust. In addition to the classic buttons for managing saved MP3 music there is a button that allows you to sync and save the playlists we have generated on Spotify. The device also comes with a clip to be attached to your backpack or T-shirt. A very convenient aspect for those who will use it during workouts. The big flaw is the lack of a shuffle button. The songs can not be played randomly but will follow the order set in the playlist.

How to add music

To add new music on Mighty just download the app designed for iOS and Android. Here you'll be able to see our library, sync Spotify, check the storage space left and most importantly the remaining battery level. To change music you have to press the buttons with a bit of force. This is designed to avoid problems during workouts or running. Mighty also supports Bluetooth headphones but the autonomy collapses to 5 hours. A short time for the current times. Full charging, on the other hand, happens in an hour.