Mistakes to avoid when cleaning a Mac

You should never use an ad hoc product to clean the Mac screen: just a little distilled water and some white wine vinegar

You spend hundreds of euros to buy a computer, but then you don't think about the ordinary maintenance: that is, cleaning the keyboard, the mouse and the screen. It may seem unnecessary, but it's not. Having a clean PC, including peripherals, allows you to improve performance and work better.

This also applies to Macs. Apple's computers have one of their strengths in the screen: thanks to the Retina display the image quality is always very high, but without the necessary cleaning, in the long run, you will have problems. Cleaning the Mac's screen is a very simple action that takes five minutes at most, but the people who do it can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Moreover, you don't need to spend big bucks: buying ad hoc products for LCD screens is actually a mistake. To clean the screen of a Mac you simply need a microfiber cloth, distilled water and white wine vinegar.

Cupertino's computers, depending on when they were produced, have two different types of LCD screens. Those made before 2011 have a glass protection, while newer ones have a simple plastic film to defend the LCD screen. Depending on the model you have at home, the procedure for cleaning the screen is slightly different, but the tools to be used are the same.

How to clean your Mac's screen

Before cleaning the screen of your PC you need to prepare the necessary tools: two microfiber cloths, distilled water and distilled white wine vinegar. The first step is to thoroughly clean the screen with a dry microfiber cloth. Do not apply too much pressure on the screen, otherwise it may cause damage to the plastic protection in front of the LCD display. Once this step is completed, you will need to check the screen for halos. If the microfiber cloth has not removed all the dirt, you will have to take the second cloth, wet it with distilled water and wipe the areas that are not very clean. Once the second step has been completed, it will be necessary to make a final check to see if everything is clean. In case of further dirt, it will be necessary to wet the second cloth with a solution composed by 75% of distilled water and 25% of vinegar. By wiping the cloth over the remaining dirt, the screen will finally be clean.

How to clean Mac screen (2011 model or earlier)

Cleaning the screen of Macs with the glass protector is slightly more complicated. It may happen that the technique seen above does not remove all the stains on the display. In such cases you should take the computer to an Apple Store and ask for a complete cleaning of the device. If the Apple stores are too far away, you can clean the back of the screen at home, but you'll have to be very careful. You will need gloves and two small suction cups.

The first step is to put on the gloves and place the suction cups on the two upper corners of the screen. Then you'll have to gently lift the glass, paying attention to the pins at the top of the Mac. Once the panel is disassembled, place it on a flat surface, being careful not to scratch the glass. To clean the screen, a microfiber cloth, distilled water and distilled white vinegar will suffice. Once all halos have been removed, the glass must be dried and the dust removed with the compressor. You can then replace the glass to protect the LCD screen.