MIUI 12 coming to dozens of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones, here’s which ones

A long list of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco devices have already received or are about to receive MIUI 12, here's which ones they are

The spotlight is on for Xiaomi smartphones: MIUI 12 has finally seen the light and is ready to be installed on a large number of smartphones from the Beijing-based company. Released in three different phases, with the last one expected to be completed by the end of October, the new MIUI 12 has mainly affected the Xiaomi, RedMi and Poco models.

Since its announcement MIUI 12 had managed to capture the curiosity of users, both online and off, for the interesting features expected in this version of the operating system from Xiaomi. To amplify the anticipation of the new born was also the fame inherited from its predecessor, MIUI 11, harbinger of interesting features both from the point of view of technical characteristics and user experience, completely renewed. Although the release has been quite long, there are already many models that have been able to install MIUI 12, also being able to count on stable EEA ROMs in addition to those China and Global. For all the others, all that's left to do is wait and start discovering what's in store for them in the coming weeks.

MIUI12: what are the most interesting new features

Among the new entries in this release are some features that have already made a splash in terms of innovation and improved usability. Starting from a cleaner UI and updated gestures, up to the goodies represented by the renewed animations and live wallpapers, there are many variations on the theme and for every palate. Non mancano neanche i dettagli tecnici, tirati a lucido per l’occasione: nuovi indicatori di privacy per fotocamera, microfono e geolocalizzazione si affiancano a un tracker per il sonno completamente integrato e un miglioramento della modalità multi-finestra per un utilizzo più fluido del device.

MIUI 12: quali sono i device che possono installarla

La nuova release "stable" andrà dunque a coprire un cospicuo ventaglio di smartphone prodotti da Xiaomi. Ecco quali sono nel dettaglio:

  • Mi 10 (nome in codice: umi)
  • Mi 10 Lite 5G (nome in codice: monet)
  • Mi 10 Pro (nome in codice: cmi)
  • Mi 10 Ultra (nome in codice: cas)
  • Mi 10 Youth Edition / Mi Note 10 Lite Zoom (nome in codice: vangogh)
  • Mi 8 (nome in codice: dipper)
  • Mi 8 Explorer Edition (nome in codice: ursa)
  • Mi 8 Lite (nome in codice: platina)
  • Mi 8 Pro (nome in codice: equuleus)
  • Mi 8 SE (nome in codice: sirius)
  • Mi 9 (nome in codice: cepheus)
  • Mi 9 Lite/ Mi CC9 (nome in codice: pyxis)
  • Mi 9 Pro 5G (nome in codice: crux)
  • Mi 9 SE (nome in codice: grus)
  • Mi CC9 Meitu Edition (nome in codice: vela)
  • Mi Max 3 (nome in codice: nitrogen)
  • Mi Mix 2 (nome in codice: chiron)
  • Mi Mix 2S (nome in codice: polaris)
  • Mi Mix 3 (nome in codice: perseus)
  • Mi Mix 3 5G (nome in codice: andromeda)
  • Mi Note 10 / Mi CC9 Pro (nome in codice: tucana)
  • Mi Note 10 Lite (nome in codice: toco)
  • Mi Note 3 (nome in codice: jason)
  • POCO F1 (nome in codice: beryllium)
  • POCO M2 Pro (nome in codice: gram)
  • POCO X3 (nome in codice: surya)
  • Redmi 10X (nome in codice: atom)
  • Redmi 10X Pro (nome in codice: bomb)
  • Redmi 6 Pro (nome in codice: sakura)
  • Redmi 9 (nome in codice: lancelot)
  • Redmi 9 India (nome in codice: cattail)
  • Redmi 9A (nome in codice: dandelion)
  • Redmi 9C (nome in codice: angelica)
  • Redmi 9C (nome in codice: angelica)
  • Redmi 9C NFC (nome in codice: angelican)
  • Redmi K20 / Mi 9T (nome in codice: davinci)
  • Redmi K20 Pro / Mi 9T Pro (nome in codice: raphael)
  • Redmi K30 4G / POCO X2 (nome in codice: phoenix)
  • Redmi K30 5G (nome in codice: picasso)
  • Redmi K30 Pro / POCO F2 Pro (nome in codice: lmi)
  • Redmi K30 Ultra (nome in codice: cezanne)
  • Redmi K30i 5G (nome in codice: picasso48m)
  • Redmi Note 7 Pro (nome in codice: violet)
  • Redmi Note 7/ Redmi Note 7S (nome in codice: lavender)
  • Redmi Note 8 Pro (nome in codice: begonia)
  • Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G (nome in codice: merlin)
  • Redmi Note 9 Pro Max [India] (nome in codice: excalibur)
  • Redmi Note 9S/ Redmi Note 9 Pro [India] (nome in codice: curtana)
  • Redmi S2/Redmi Y2 (nome in codice: ysl)

MIUI 12: quanti sono i bug rilevati?

Parlando di bug finora rilevati su MIUI 12, i numeri sono stati consistenti fin dall’inizio, tanto da costringere la casa cinese a rimandare l’update per gli smartphone Redmi Note 8 e Redmi Note 7 dopo aver riscontrato alcuni problemi di stabilità. Among those found, the most recent ones were related to the Control Center function, with Auto Sync absent from Quick Toggles, and Widevine L1 certification.

Going backwards, however, users have had to deal with sudden reboots, non-functioning earbuds, and issues with proximity sensors all the way to incorrect display of WhatsApp notifications and Google Pay, Mountain View's payment system, not working.