Mobile phones, how to get extra gigs with Digital Solidarity

Tim, Vodafone, Fastweb, Iliad and WindTre offer free gigs to users by responding to the Digital Solidarity initiative: here's how it works

Among the initiatives put in place by major Italian companies to ensure that our country copes as well as possible with the coronavirus emergency are those of the so-called "Digital Solidarity", a project launched by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization to offer free services to Italian citizens.

Because it is essential to stay at home and focus on remote work, many large technological groups offer free online products and services: e-learning for teleducation, tools for smart working, PEC address free for a year (Italiaonline) and free editorial content. Among the services available there are also those provided by large telephone companies such as Tim, Vodafone, WindTre, Fastweb and Iliad: free giga and unlimited calls. Each operator offers something different, which can be activated with a specific procedure by all its users. Some free offers are reserved for individuals, others for companies.

Tim: Giga and unlimited minutes for everyone

Tim's digital solidarity consists in offering all its customers, both private and business, unlimited Giga from mobile for 1 month and unlimited calls from landline until the end of April. The offer can be activated from the TIM Party section of the My TIM app or from the dedicated web page. Unlimited calls from landline can be activated by calling Customer Service 187.

Vodafone: Unlimited Giga to students

Vodafone users between 14 and 26 years old can take advantage of unlimited Giga to continue studying from home. The free offer is activated by calling 42100 and will be automatically deactivated after one month.

WindTre Business: unlimited giga

Starting on March 18, WindTre Business users will receive an SMS message alerting them to the possibility of taking advantage of free Giga. WindTre will contact its customers with an SMS

Fastweb: 1 million free Giga

Very special is the free offer of digital solidarity intended for Fastweb Mobile customers: from mid-March, the company will make available a ceiling of 1 million Giga. Customers will not have to do anything: as soon as they finish the Giga provided by their tariff plan they will automatically draw from the ceiling (up to a maximum of 120GB for each SIM card). When the ceiling will be exhausted it will return to normal pricing.

Iliad: 10 Giga and free calls to foreign countries

Still different is Iliad's digital solidarity offer, intended only for those who have activated the ‚ā¨4.99 Voice offer. These users will be offered 10 GB of data and the ability to make free phone calls in Italy and 60 countries around the world. The service is activated and deactivated without the intervention of users, who will, however, be alerted by SMS.