Mobile speedtest, in the first quarter of 2019 the fastest network is Tim

Ookla's test results on the Internet speed of the mobile phone network published: the fastest is Tim, followed by Vodafone, 3, Wind and Iliad

Tim is the fastest mobile phone operator in Italy. This is certified by the research "Speedtetst Intelligence" by Ookla, a company that has developed one of the speedtest services most used by users. The results refer to the first quarter of 2019 and for TIM this is a confirmation, since it had already obtained the first place at the "Speedtest Intelligence" of the last quarter of 2018.

For the research, Ookla uses the data collected by its Speed Test application, used by users to estimate the speed of the mobile network. Speedtest Intelligence uses a particular score to calculate the speed of the Internet networks: the Speed Score, a value that includes the measurement of upload and download speeds. Analyzing the download and upload speed, the Achilles heel of the Italian telephone operators is just the latter. According to Ookla Italy is positioned around the 80th position worldwide in the ranking of upload speed. A negative result and that should improve in the coming years with the arrival of 5G, the new superfast network that should make its debut by the end of the year.

Speedtest, the results of Ookla research on smartphone internet speed

The research took as reference the period between January and March 2019. The data collected by Ookla's Speed Test application shows that TIM is the fastest mobile operator with a score of 34.57, down slightly from the last quarter of 2018 when it had a score of 34.87.

Lower behind TIM is Vodafone with a Speed Score of 32.63, up almost two points from the previous quarter. In the Vodafone survey the scores obtained by users with, the virtual operator created last year by the same British company, have been removed. Detached by more than ten points we find 3, Wind and Iliad. The three companies are struggling because of a network infrastructure that can not guarantee the same results as TIM and Vodafone, but with the arrival of 5G the situation should improve.