Mobility voucher: last funds available

Minister Costa advises not to rush to receive the bike and scooter bonus, but the funds available for the mobility voucher are running out.

The Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa intervenes on Facebook to throw water on the fire after the black day of the click day for the bike bonus, which saw hundreds of thousands of people connect to the platform for the mobility voucher sending it on tilt and causing, indirectly, the down of many SPID services.

Costa reassured everyone also about the available funds, specifying how many have already been allocated. But the image published on Facebook reflects the initial situation, when no one was able to get the bike and scooter bonus from the Sogei platform. This morning, however, the numbers are quite different, and the money for refunds of 60% of the price spent to buy a means of sustainable micro-mobility (for a maximum of 500 euros per person, we remind you) is practically all gone. Here is the situation updated to this morning at 9:00.

Mobility bonus: how much money remains

At nine o'clock in the morning of Wednesday, November 4, that is, 24 hours after the launch of the Web platform to request reimbursement, of the 210 million euros initially allocated, 10.2 million remain available. Practically all the ceiling made available by the Government for the bike bonus has therefore been used.

Still this morning, moreover, to request the last available funds there is a queue. It is foreseeable, therefore, that by midday all the money put on the pot by the Ministry of the Environment will be exhausted. The Minister Costa, yesterday on Facebook, put forward the hypothesis of a refinancing of the fund in order to allow more people to get the refund. Because, explains the Minister, "no one could imagine" so many requests.

Mobility bonus: Costa admits the problems (but does not apologize)

Minister Costa's post on Facebook is almost surreal: after choosing the click day method, which obviously involves an assault on the platform, Costa states that "No one, not even those who manage these services and are used to record turnouts, could imagine it. And therefore, many problems to be solved, including the slowness of the system and, in some cases, having to start all over again after long waits".

The Minister's suggestion is not to be in a hurry: "I say to everyone: connect calmly, even in the next few days. We have enough resources for everyone. There is no need to rush: let's also set aside additional resources". If the additional resources mentioned by Costa do not arrive, however, in the coming days those who access the platform will not find a single euro of refund available.