More problems for Macbook keyboard, Apple apologizes

Unending epic for the MacBook keyboard. The solution proposed by Apple, in fact, seems to have worsened the situation and users are on the warpath

The keyboards of the MacBook and MacBook Pro continue to have major problems. Already in the past years the owners of the laptops of the bitten apple had made to feel their discontent, with the house of Cupertino forced to admit the malfunction. Promising, moreover, to solve it as soon as possible. Months later, however, users continue to complain and Apple can only apologize.

Reached by the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company has admitted that even the latest MacBooks, those with third-generation "butterfly" keyboard, may have typing problems. Since it was introduced in MacBooks in 2015, this keyboard with "butterfly" keys instead of "scissor" keys has displeased a bit everyone, despite being presented as a small revolution that was supposed to increase the accuracy and pleasure of typing texts on the computer.

MacBook keyboard, a troubled history

Initially, the problems concerned excessive noise and dirt getting under the keys. So, starting with the 2018 MacBook Pros, Apple put a thin silicone membrane between the key and the butterfly mechanism to solve both problems. But creating another one: over time, due to the membrane losing elasticity, typing became "sticky." This again led to users complaining and taking their MacBooks in for service, and Apple had no choice but to admit it had a problem, yet another, with the keyboards.

No keyboard change, for now

At the moment, however, Apple has not yet announced a special, free program to repair or replace keyboards with problems, as it has in the past. The previous free programs, in fact, are aimed only at MacBooks with first- and second-generation butterfly keyboards. And, to be honest, Apple doesn't seem very willing to repair for free keyboards with sticky keys: while admitting the problem, in fact, from Cupertino they let know that it affects only "a small number of users" while "most customers are having a positive experience with the new keyboard".

And yet there is someone who points out that the Magic Keyboard, which Apple sells as an accessory at the price of 99 euros, is equipped with the traditional scissor key mechanism and not the butterfly one. About it, on its online store, Apple says: "We've improved the scissor mechanism to increase the stability of the keys and achieve a smoother movement: this makes writing even more comfortable and accurate."