Motorola confirms: remote charging is a reality

Motorola has unveiled a wireless remote charging station that, in terms of the number of smartphones that can be charged and the distance, is incredible: here it is

If the technology used to make devices for wireless remote charging didn't communicate via radio waves, it would certainly do so with words and in that case it would speak Chinese. To tell the truth, we could extend the discourse to innovation in general, given that for some years now, oriental manufacturers such as OPPO, Xiaomi or, precisely, Motorola have been pushing the accelerator.

And it is precisely the company controlled by the Chinese of Lenovo to have announced something that could leave more than a few people stunned, namely a device capable of charging other devices remotely. In the past, products of this type had already been realized: Xiaomi had thought about it, with millimeter waves and even exploiting millimeter waves, but also Motorola, which however had not gone beyond the meter of distance between the charging station and the product to recharge. With the latest device presented by Motorola, however, the step forward is incredible, if you consider that not even a year has passed: you can remotely recharge 4 objects at the same time and, listen well, up to 3 meters away from the station.

A crazy evolution in just a few months

An incredible result that certainly must have cost Motorola considerable investments in terms of resources, but it seems that the evolution of the concept of remote charging is proceeding in the right direction and even in a very fast way: since the device presented at the beginning of 2021, Motorola has doubled the number of objects that can be recharged at the same time (from 2 to 4) and tripled the distance beyond which the process stops (from 1 m to 3 m).

And those who think that Motorola's remote charging station is cumbersome, can hardly remain of the same idea after learning that inside it have been placed about 1,600 antennas that make the process possible, with a great work of miniaturization in light of the fact that inside the station cannot be (and are not) only antennas. So however the Motorola's device can cover the three meters in front of it for a radius of 100 degrees, making it probably the most advanced device of this type that has ever been realized.

To be improved the speed of recharge

The only criticality emerged - and not from Motorola that preferred to talk about something else but from the well-known informant Digital Chat Station - concerns the recharge power, which seems to be equal to just 5 watts, and it is hoped that they are not cumulative, that is the one available to all devices in charge. However, it is possible that Motorola has decided to tackle the most important challenges first - and a new technology such as remote charging certainly does not submit a few - to devote himself in a second time to those that perhaps has considered easily surmountable, such as, in fact, the increase in charging power.

In short, it is likely that the goal of Motorola was not to present a super powerful or fast device but working, and this has been hit judging by the results. Moreover, despite being a prototype, it already has a safety feature that interrupts the charging process if a human body is detected between the station and the receiving device. It seems that the future has already arrived.