Motorola Moto E30 is the new low cost to beat

Motorola Moto E30 is official: it's a low cost smartphone with compromises that might be more than worth it. Here's what it looks like and how much it costs

Making a top-of-the-line smartphone is relatively simple. You scrape together the best components that the technology industry has to offer and draw up a project. The difficulties (and they are not minor, it must be said) are in bringing out the best from each component through the software, but they end there.

A top of the range device is by definition an expensive product, so - within the limits of reason - it can cost a lot and anyway those who are willing to spend for a smartphone to the last cry will not have problems to buy it. For the companies that on the contrary decide to launch a low cost product, the difficulties are enormously greater: there is to decide a compromise and optimize costs to the maximum so that the product is not cut off by equivalent proposals (and there are many) at lower prices. Not easy, but Motorola with Moto E30 may have managed to find the magic formula: a product with some "high" and a bargain price.

Motorola Moto E30, how it is made

Motorola Moto E30 is primarily a low cost product, then made with the aim of weighing as little as possible on the pockets of buyers, those who want a product without too many pretensions and that costs as little as possible. Despite this, the budget smartphone of the winged house does not give up a couple of interesting features for the price range.

And if the presence of an octa core chip is certainly something welcome but not surprising, it is in light of the market positioning of Motorola Moto E30 the presence of a very large screen Max Vision 6.5 inches, perfect for multimedia content, with HD+ resolution, size ratio of 20:9 and above all a refresh rate of 90 Hz, which increases the fluidity of the entire system, specifically Android 11 in "light" version Go Edition.

Almost surprising is the presence of a fingerprint reader (physical, on the back) on such a cheap product but with a 90 Hz display: Motorola could have recouped the costs for the screen by foregoing the fingerprint reader for secure unlocking (as is generally the case, after all, on the competition) and instead decided to include it anyway.

Present to maximize the comfort of use a button to invoke Google Assistant, Google's voice assistant that can perform several tasks with your voice, and a huge 5,000 mAh battery for a claimed autonomy of 40 hours. In short, those who use the phone a lot will not have problems with the remaining charge, but Motorola Moto E30 could also be perfect for those who do not feel like charging the smartphone every day.

Motorola Moto E30, how much does it cost

Motorola Moto E30 comes in two colors, Mineral Gray and Digital Blue. Usually such interesting products do not arrive in Europe, but this is not the case of Motorola Moto E30 whose availability has been confirmed for Europe and Latin America.

The price? Ragged, for the features: 129 euros at launch, but it has not yet been announced when it will arrive.