Motorola RAZR in Italy from February: what you need to know

Motorola gives some advice on how to "manage" the RAZR and avoid ruining the foldable display after a few uses.

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The new foldable smartphone Motorola RAZR is now a few days away from arrival in Italy: Tim will put it on sale from February, with an initial contribution of 299 euros followed by 30 installments of 39 euros. For a total cost, therefore, of 1,469 euros.

As already done in the past by Samsung for its unfortunate Galaxy Fold, in fact, Motorola has decided to give clear information to future buyers of the RAZR so that they can handle it in the best possible way without damaging it. Because, you know, the foldable screen is beautiful but is inherently much more fragile and delicate than a traditional screen. Motorola is giving this information through an official video: "Caring for razr", that is, taking care of your foldable smartphone. Few rules, but fundamental, to use the Motorola RAZR without breaking it. Here they are.

How to use the Motorola RAZR without breaking it

The first information released by Motorola on its RAZR is that the smartphone is water-repellent, so it resists splashing water and, if it happens to get wet, you should simply wipe it with a cloth without worrying too much. Then we get into the merits, with the description of the foldable screen and here Motorola puts his hands forward: it is normal if we see bumps and granules under the screen of the RAZR, it is part of its technology.

However, and here is the third useful information, it should be carefully protected from scratches: keep it away from sharp objects that could scratch it (for example keys) even if, fourth useful information, the RAZR has a protective layer on the screen and do not apply other layers on it, like normal protective films. Finally, last Motorola information on the RAZR, we must never forget to close it before putting it back in your pocket.

The other videos on the RAZR

In addition to the video on how to take care of the new foldable smartphone, Motorola has also released others with which it praises the potential of its first foldable product. A video, for example, is dedicated to the camera and reminds us that the RAZR can automatically take selfies when it senses that we are smiling, that it has the "Portrait Mode" with the inevitable bokeh effect (apparently very pronounced), that it has a powerful mode for night photos and that it has the "Camera Cartoon" feature to take pictures of children. The latter is a touch of genius: on the small external screen animated cartoons are displayed to attract the attention of children, making them look towards the lens while we are photographing them.