Movies and TV series streaming for free: the services available

When you have to spend a lot of time at home without being able to go out, one of the best things you can do, besides reading, is to watch a movie or a TV series. Most users now use an electronic device to watch TV online and many platforms have sprung up that allow free and completely legal viewing of movies and TV series.

In some cases these are freemium services or subscription services, but they offer a free period. In other cases, however, they are completely free platforms, such as RaiPlay or Mediaset Play. Just the latter are the best services to watch movies and TV series for free in Italian and without registration: they offer the same content broadcast on TV with an impressive database that includes many historical programs of the past. To watch streaming videos all you need is a good internet connection and a suitable device.

How to watch streaming movies for free

To watch streaming movies for free without registration you need to rely on legal online platforms. Contrary to what many people think, there are many free video streaming services that do not require a monthly subscription or registration: just log in, have a stable internet connection and choose from the available free movies. In most cases, these are movies that are a bit dated, but often you can also find real masterpieces. The important thing is to know the legal platforms.

How to watch TV series for free streaming

The speech made for the cinema also applies to TV series. Many people don't know it, but it is possible to watch free streaming TV series on legal platforms. One example? RaiPlay, the online platform of the State TV that allows you to watch original TV series streaming for free without registration. Or Mediaset Play, video streaming service of Mediaset that in addition to broadcasting live digital terrestrial channels, also offers a very rich database of TV series.

Film and TV series streaming for free: how to see RaiPlay

RaiPlay is the video streaming platform of Rai and is one of the reference points for all those who want to see movies and TV series streaming for free. To see RaiPlay there is no need to be registered, but just access the platform through the website or with the free application for Android and iOS. On the platform, in addition to programs to watch on demand, there is also live streaming of all Rai channels, including those available only online.

For lovers of movies and TV series, there is an ad hoc section. You have to click on the icon with three vertical lines, press On Demand and a pop-up menu will appear with different types of content: within movies, dramas and TV series there are many contents that you can watch at any time. To see free streaming movies in Italian just select Film and will appear all the kinetics available to Rai. The same goes for clicking on "Fiction or TV series".

On RaiPlay you can watch movies and TV series for free without registration, just select the content, press the Play icon and immediately starts streaming

How to watch movies and TV series streaming on Mediaset Play

A viable alternative to RaiPlay to watch TV series in Italian streaming is Mediaset Play, the free online platform of Mediaset. The operation is very simple and is accessible from computers, smartphones and tablets thanks to the application for Android and iOS.

On Mediaset Play there is both a section where you can watch live streaming of Mediaset channels, and a section On Demand with all the content available on the platform. Clicking on On Demand a pop-up menu appears with several categories including "Fiction and TV Series" and "Movies". By choosing one of the two you access a new section where you can choose which movie or TV series to stream for free.

How to see Dplay

Dplay is the streaming platform of Discovery Channel channels on digital terrestrial television. It is a freemium service: part of the content is free, while for the rest you need to subscribe to Dplay Plus (for the project Digital Solidarity the first month is free for all new subscribers). On Dplay, in addition to some TV series, you can watch streaming entertainment programs usually broadcast on DMAX, Nove or Real Time.

To watch streaming TV series on Dplay you need to access the platform (free application available on Google Play Store and App Store), click on Genres and then choose "Box set and TV Series). A page will open with all the available programs.

What is it and how to see Rakuten

Rakuten is an online platform little known in Italy, but that allows you to watch for free movies and TV series recently released in theaters or on TV. The operation of the service is freemium: some content is free, while for the others you can decide to buy or rent them. Content resolution is up to 4K and Rakuten's app is also available for smart TVs.

To watch free streaming movies on Rakuten you need to launch the platform, press on the Free menu item and a new section opens with all the content available for viewing inside. Streaming TV series are not free, but you have to buy them

Films and TV series streaming on Infinity

Infinity is a video streaming platform of the Mediaset group in Netflix style: you pay a monthly subscription and you have access to a database of movies and TV series. For new subscribers there is the possibility to watch movies and TV series for free for a month, but for the Digital Solidarity project the promotion has been extended to sixty days.

To watch movies and TV series streaming for free in Italian you need to register, access the platform via computer or application and choose what you want to see from the list of available content., free streaming tv series

Anime, TV series, movies, children's programs, this and much more is available on, video streaming platform available on the web. It has a rather large library of movies and TV series and most of the content is free with the presence of an advertisement at the beginning of the vision.

To watch streaming TV series and movies of you have to access the website, choose the type of content in the upper left corner and then appear the tabs with all the movies and dramas available. Just select a content, click on the Play icon and start playing. and Cineteca di Milano, how to watch movies for free streaming

On there is a collection of free movies that you can watch in streaming or download to your device. Most of the content is quite dated, but these are films that have made cinema history. Even the Cineteca di Milano allows streaming of historical films that have marked an era. To watch movies online for free you need to register to the platform and then choose from the available content.

Pornhub, how to watch streaming videos

For some categories of free movies you need to rely on specific platforms. As in the case of Pornhub, an online platform for watching free porn movies and videos. The service allows the viewing of a virtually infinite database of hardcore videos, but to access some content you need to pay a weekly subscription. Due to the difficult time Italy is experiencing, the platform is offering a free subscription to Pornhub Premium until March 31, 2020.