Movies on promotion for Prime Day 2021: here are the titles

Still offers in anticipation of Prime Day 2021: Amazon puts a selection of on-demand movies on promotion on Prime Video Store. Find out what they are

Amazon's Prime Video Store is a service to buy on-demand movies from the platform's catalog. Ahead of Prime Day on June 21 and 22, the e-commerce launches a new initiative for its customers: a selection of on-demand movies at prices discounted by up to 50%.

This is not the only initiative that Amazon has launched regarding the Prime Video service, which is included for all Prime subscribers. Until June 22, Prime users will be able to access a selection of Prime Video Channels at the special price of €0.99 per month for the first three months of use. Now also comes the new initiative, which concerns the rental or purchase of a selection of on-demand titles at half price. To get ready for Prime Day 2021, users will be able to subscribe to the service and take advantage of the 30-day free trial, at the end of which the Prime subscription is renewed at a cost of €3.99 per month or €39 per year.

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Prime Video Store: how the service works

Among the services offered by Amazon for streaming movies and TV series is Prime Video Store. All Amazon customers in Italy will be able to buy or rent titles that are not included in the catalog included with Prime Video, using as a method of payment the one connected to their e-commerce account.

The catalog of on-demand titles is extensive and ranges from the great Hollywood classics to films recently released in theaters. Moreover, even users who are not Prime subscribers can buy or rent movies from the Video Store. To do so, you need to log into Prime Video Store with your Amazon account, find the movie you are looking for and then complete the payment. Purchased titles will be included in the My Videos section and will remain there permanently. In the case of rentals, on the other hand, the movies will be in the My Video Collection section and will remain available for 30 days from the date of payment.

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Prime Video Store: movies 50% off

Like every year, Prime Day returns in 2021: a 48-hour shopping event with tons of deals and discounts on virtually every category of products available on Amazon. In addition to the two days of Prime Day, Amazon has launched many initiatives and additional discounts also on the services included with the Prime subscription.

This includes the Prime Video Store offer, with lots of movies discounted by 50% on the purchase or rental price until June 22, 2021. The selection of on-demand titles that fall under the promotion is vast, with prices ranging from €1.99 for Perfect Strangers, The Immortal, Eat Pray Love or even Taxi Driver and A Clockwork Orange. At €3.99 you can watch films of your choice from Dune, Introduce Me to Your People, Man in Black International and Blade Runner 2049. Whether it's comedy, action, horror or romantic films, you'll be spoiled for choice between rental and purchase on promotion.

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