Musk is not afraid of hackers, after the threats the mockery

About and about with Anonymous after the bitcoin up and down triggered by tweets: Musk is not afraid of hackers, after the threats the mockery

The curriculum of Anonymous is rich enough to scare anyone, except Elon Musk. The users of the hacktivism movement (the term comes from the crasis of the words hacker and activism), gathered under the symbol of the mask of the movie V for Vendetta, have made numerous attacks against many powerful companies and government institutions.

Between the most famous, there is certainly the computer bombing against the Church of Scientology, which resulted in image damage for the sect widespread in Italy. The web pirates have also attacked the presumed enemies of Wikileaks. Known as "Operation Payback", that of Anonymous against some companies, accused of wanting to suffocate the site of Julian Assange, was a battle fought in favor of freedom of expression (at least in the intentions of those who declared it).

What's going on between Musk and Anonymous

The challenge to the Space X billionaire came a few days ago, with a video posted on YouTube showing a person with a covered face and heavily altered voice: "Over the past few years you've enjoyed the best reputation of anyone in the billionaire category," said the hooded activist, "now people are starting to see you as just another rich narcissist who is desperate for attention."

The fuse was Musk's statements about bitcoin. Playing with cryptocurrencies and in particular with dogecoin seems to be the latest favorite activity of the PayPal founder, credited to the point of making digital currencies rise and fall thanks to the few characters contained in a tweet (it must be said that electronic currencies - there are so many of them - are united by the fact of being very volatile assets).

What does Musk's tease consist of

After the Tesla founder's narrow response, a second one arrives, which takes the form of a parody of the video with which it all began. In the clip, published on Twitter by the account "Not Financial Advice" and commented by Musk himself, the masked man turns out to be Gordon Johnson, CEO and founder of GLJ Research, one of the fiercest critics of Tesla and Musk. Off-screen is the voice of the Space X billionaire, who says, "No, dear Gordon Johnson, the person who has been wrong about Tesla for years is you."

Beyond the gag, the message Musk suggests is this: the Anonymous video would have been made by short sellers to speculate on Tesla.

Is this really the case? Anonymous, if you're there, give us a call.

Giuseppe Giordano