Mymanu Click+, the headphones that translate 37 different languages

The operation is similar to the headphones made by Bragi and Google, but the Mymanu Click+ promises to be faster. On sale for just under 300 euros

The future of instant translation passes through the headset. There are now several headsets on the market that allow you to translate live into a language you don't know. In order to work, the headsets require a translation app on the smartphone and to be connected via Bluetooth with the device.

At CES 2018, the Mymanu Click+ headsets, launched last year by a startup through a fundraiser on Indiegogo, made their debut and are ready to be commercialized on the market. These are headphones that promise to instantly translate into 37 different languages and are less complicated to use than other headsets. In addition to instant translation, the Mymanu Click+ headphones also offer a streaming music service and superior audio playback quality compared to many earbuds on the market.

How to Use Mymanu Click+ Headphones

The headphones are very similar to the Pixel Buds and Bragi Dash Pro that allow instant translation through the use of an app like Google Translator via the smartphone. Basically, the earbuds are nothing more than a bridge between the voice of the person you're talking to and the app on your smartphone. The Mymanu Click+ headphones promise to simplify all of these steps, though they too rely on an instant translation app to work best. In addition to the app, the Click+ headphones also use a cloud system that allows for faster retrieval of words to be translated. The startup assures that 37 languages are supported and the translation is very reliable.

In addition to the translation service, the headphones can also be used to listen to music. The reproduction quality is very high, thanks also to the NFMI (Near-Field Magnetic Induction communication system) technology used to make the two headphones communicate. In addition, the startup provides the Mymanu Play app, a streaming music service that can be used in conjunction with the headphones.

Mymanu Click+ price and release date

The headphones have been funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and should be shipping shortly to those who purchased them. They can also be purchased on the startup's official website at an introductory price of $239 (just over €210), while from March the price will rise to $300 (about €250 at the current exchange rate).

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