Netflix announces that Friends will not be canceled

The streaming platform reconsiders and sends a social message to all fans: the TV series will not be deleted

It was 2016 when Netflix announced to its audience the inclusion in the streaming catalog of one of the most beloved TV series of all time: Friends. Since then, the 10 seasons have reached staggering views.

There are those who have decided to watch them again from the beginning, those who have only seen the most famous episodes and there is also a slice of users who instead have been able to watch them for the first time. Friends is not only a cult series, but a real titan that has inspired several subsequent products, from The Big Bang Theory to How I Met Your Mother. In recent weeks, however, news was circulating that made many turn their noses up: Friends would be deleted from the catalog on December 31, 2020. The announcement has caused a small revolt of the public, so as to lead Netflix to launch an important statement: Friends will remain in the catalog in 2021. So, the company has reassured all fans, also in view of the special on the sitcom that should be released in 2021.

Friends will remain on Netflix: here's the announcement

The deadline of the TV series appeared right inside the streaming platform looking for the title. Since the appearance of the "expiration date" fans have begun to feel their disapproval, writing directly on the social channels of the service or even relying on the Customer Service.

Netflix has always been attentive to the sentiment of its audience, in fact it even has a service that allows you to suggest movies to be included in the catalog.

The company after listening to the opinions of users, we have reconsidered and published on social media a post to reassure fans. On Twitter he wrote the following message:

"The Christmas Armadillo says not to worry. Those who are finishing up the fifteenth rewatch of #Friends can continue quietly, because the series will be available on Netflix even beyond December 31."

So, even those who know the jokes by heart will be able to rewatch the series next year. The goal is then, not only to pamper the audience, but to prepare them for the return of the entire cast with a special that should air right 2021, barring further complications caused by Covid-19. This is a real reunion that will see all the cast participate in a show of about 2 hours in which the best moments of the project will be remembered.

In addition, on the platform there are many TV series similar to Friends, to discover just during the Christmas season.

Netflix: what are the TV series that will expire in December

If Friends has somehow saved itself from the elimination of the Netflix catalog, so it is not for other shows. Quindi il pubblico ha ancora pochi giorni a disposizione prima che alcuni programmi e serie tv vengano eliminati dal catalogo.

Ecco le serie tv che dovrebbero essere eliminate dal 31 dicembre 2020:

  • Homeland
  • Gossip Girl
  • Terror in Resonance
  • DanMarchi
  • Mia and Me
  • Topo Tip

Non rimane che goderci gli ultimi giorni del 2020 per riguardare alcuni di questi show oppure iniziare le novità del mese e i più bei contenuti di Natale.