Netflix free for a month: how to access the offer

The streaming giant seems to have launched a new promotional campaign in India and that, soon, could also be activated in Italy

In recent months, with the arrival of new and increasingly fierce competitors, Disney+ above all, Netflix has begun to test new ways with a view to expanding and consolidating its streaming services. To do so, the streaming video giant has chosen the Indian market as its "guinea pig" on which to test new offers to be exported, then, on other markets.

So, after having introduced an unprecedented monthly subscription at a cost of only three euros that can be activated only on smartphones, the giant of online streaming announces a new promotion dedicated, at least for now, exclusively to India. Since a few hours, in fact, in the browser version of Netflix Italy has appeared a strange icon that suggests the arrival of gift vouchers in our country.

Netflix free for a month

The new gimmick of the U.S. giant allows only Android users to invite a friend or family member to join the Netflix world through the generation of a system of referral codes. Those who receive the invitation will be able to subscribe to Netflix and enjoy a free month's subscription. For now it is not known what benefits have those who issue this code, but some think the establishment of a reward system that can entice users to "co-opt" new followers.

Netflix invitation code: how it works

Currently you can generate the redeem code for Netflix by following a simple procedure. Just enter Netflix for Android, click on the "Account" item and click on the "More" icon located in the bottom right corner. Here you will find the item "Invite your friends to Netflix": by clicking on it will generate a numerical code to be copied and sent to another person, who will be able to create a new account and take advantage of a free month's subscription.

Netflix free in Italy too? The case of the mysterious icon

In Italy, however, the voucher system could arrive in a different way. For some time now, in fact, an icon in the shape of a gift package has appeared in the interface of the Netflix website. The name that the designers have assigned to the icnoa is "Gifts", gifts in English and at the moment it doesn't lead to any page.

Or, rather, the "landing page" is not yet active, but it's easy to find out that the icon should lead to a page called "Refer Friends". In short, a program to "refer" new users very similar to the one that started in India and allows you to watch Netflix for free for a month. And, reasoning on the timing, the appearance of the icon in these days is not at all random: the Black Friday is getting closer and closer and, perhaps, the streaming giant will want to take advantage of it to further increase its customer base.