Netflix, free trial period returns with a novelty

Netflix introduces the free trial period again, but with a novelty: it changes depending on the user. It ranges from a minimum of 7 to a maximum of 30 days

There are many online platforms that allow you to watch movies and TV series, but Netflix is definitely one of the most famous in the world. . Despite counting a huge number of subscribers, it is always on the hunt for new strategies to increase the number of subscribers. And to do so, it has decided to "resurrect" the free trial of the service, eliminated a few months ago.

In the last few days, in fact, in the platform has reappeared the possibility of having a free trial period. During this time, interested people can test the various features of Netflix, browse the catalog, watch movies and TV series and then comfortably decide whether or not to subscribe. The trial period had been eliminated in April and the company had announced the stop, defining it, however, as a temporary decision, in view of a new strategy to increase subscribers. Now it's back but with a novelty: it's not the same for everyone.

Free Netflix trial: personalized offers

The famous video streaming platform is once again introducing a free trial period, which had been cancelled in April. However, you only have to log on to the website to notice that something has changed: it no longer offers thirty standard days for everyone. Some users can try it for seven days, others for fourteen, and still others for thirty days. Some don't even have this privilege: they have to pay for the subscription right away to use the service. In short, the trial period returns but in different forms.

It is not clear how the system chooses the users to whom it offers the different types of trial, nor the more or less extended periods. It seems that the choice is completely random, also because it is a modification released in these days, a real novelty to test and experiment. So this new mode is definitely a test to understand after how long people decide to subscribe and are more willing to subscribe. Probably the company wants to understand if subscribers increase if you offer them a shorter trial period than the thirty days, or if you even offer a paid subscription right away, without the free trial.

Netflix trial period: FAQ section is not updated

To better understand how the new system works many users tend to consult Netflix FAQ, but not even here you can find an unequivocal answer. In fact, the Italian webpage still shows the old writing dating back to April "Currently the free trial is not available in your country". This means that this section of the site has not been updated and that the different periods per user are a real experiment that the company is conducting. On the other hand, Netflix is not new to this kind of test, some time ago it announced a price increase in Italy, but then reassured users by revealing that it was just a test.