Netflix, here are the rankings with most viewed movies and TV series: which ones are

Do you love watching Netflix? Starting today, choosing movies and TV series will be easier thanks to the new top content rankings. Here's what they are and where to find them

How many times in front of Netflix have you felt disoriented by too many TV series and movies listed? By now the offer has become really rich and articulated, but soon you'll be able to choose what to watch in an easier way. How? Thanks to a new feature of the platform!

The online streaming service is about to introduce the rankings of all the most viewed content, and therefore appreciated by users. The novelty is especially designed for those who are always looking for the most popular films and TV series, the ones that everyone is talking about and that everyone has appreciated. Having a list of the 10 top contents according to one's own country will surely be a useful reference point to orient oneself. Le classifiche di Netflix saranno in tutto tre e verranno aggiornate quotidianamente. Inoltre, gli utenti vedranno i contenuti in base anche alle loro preferenze. Ecco le caratteristiche della nuova funzione.

Nuove classifiche di Netflix: ecco le caratteristiche

Le classifiche di Netflix saranno in tutto tre:

  • Top 10 generale
  • Top 10 serie TV
  • Top 10 film

Questi tre elenchi conterranno 10 titoli, ma avranno delle differenze: il primo conterrà un mix di tutti i contenuti presenti su Netflix; il secondo elenco ospiterà le migliori dieci serie tv e il terzo sarà dedicato ai film. L’idea delle classifiche nasce dopo una sperimentazione iniziata l’anno scorso nel Regno Unito e in Messico. Il test nasce per aiutare le persone a scegliere i contenuti basandosi anche sulla loro popolarità. By now, in fact, the platform collects a large number of proposals, and orienting has become more difficult.

Netflix rankings: how will they be built?

As anticipated, the rankings will not be the same for everyone. First of all, they will depend on the most viewed content in your country. So the Netflix rankings in Italy will depend on the most watched titles in our country.

Also, they will change according to other parameters. For example, within an account, priority will be given to series and movies that the user might like. In fact, Netflix's algorithm continuously determines what content to show, and these will change based on genre and movies and series already seen.

Preferences will therefore be decisive, but not only. In fact, we know that people watch more than one piece of content on a daily basis, which is why the rankings will be dynamic: every day they will change, meaning new titles and proposals will be added. This will give users the opportunity to discover different contents, being inspired by the proposals inserted in the rankings.

But how will they be shown at a practical level in the interface?

The most viewed TV series and movies will have a red sticker with the words "Top 10" on the preview image. There's no word yet on when the feature will be released in different countries around the world, but many think it's a matter of a few months. In fact, Netflix is completing testing and then it will move on to final distribution.