Netflix: how to remove content from the “continue watching” section

Good news for Netflix users: you can now remove movies and TV series from the "continue watching" section. Here's how to do it

It's finally available for all Netflix users, including mobile users, the ability to remove episodes from the "Continue Watching" row.

This list of titles in some ways is very useful, because it allows us to resume watching an episode or a movie from where we stopped. But if we start out with a lot of titles, only to actually see a few, then this list becomes not only useless, but annoying to use. After several months of testing, however, it is now possible to clean it up in a very simple way. The first reports of this feature even date back to April, when some users spotted it on their apps. But it wasn't a generalized test: only a few users could remove content from "Keep watching". Now, however, with the latest version of the app this possibility has been extended to everyone and the explanation on how to use it has also been included in Netflix's online help.

How to remove content from Continue Watching

Removing content from the "Continue Watching" row is now super easy. After installing the latest version of the Netflix app, in fact, just tap the menu icon (the three vertical dots) on the title to be removed. Then we simply have to choose the "Remove from row" option from the menu. At this point that title disappears and will no longer be displayed (unless we go back to watch part of it).

The desktop alternative

To tell the truth, all this could already be done, but through a much more inconvenient procedure and only on a computer, connecting to Netflix via browser. This procedure still exists and consists of going to the account settings and entering "Profiles and family", then "Content viewing activity" and then "Activity". Here we will find the list of titles present in "Continue watching" with an icon next to it, which is used to remove them. You can also remove them all at once by clicking on "Hide all" at the bottom of the page. Headlines, however, do not disappear immediately: it can take up to 24 hours before they are removed from "Keep watching". But when they disappear, then they're no longer visible from the mobile app either.