Netflix is a drug, the first detoxification centers arrive

Among the addictions, the one from Netflix begins to appear, compared by some experts in mental illness to the one from drugs

To the sad and long list of addictions, after the one from smartphones, the one from Netflix is added. A real addiction that has begun to raise more than a concern. An excessive exposure to the contents of the platform could have serious consequences on people's psyche.

This is what some American mental health experts claim, comparing the effects of compulsive streaming to those generated by some drugs. In practice, users are not simply trying to distract themselves, spending a few hours in front of a computer screen, but are looking for relief. A feeling that demands more and more time to be filled, and therefore risks plunging people into a dead-end tunnel. Netflix addiction - perhaps it would be more correct to speak of binge watching, an English term that frames this mental phenomenon - is also favored by the ease through which it is possible to binge: an unlimited offer that can be enjoyed from multiple devices.

First rehab centers

It's not new, however, that technology is also capable of creating addiction. It was discussed with the first consoles, and it's being discussed now because of smartphones. For the first time, however, experts are beginning to warn against the effects brought by pathological streaming. Consequences that are attracting more and more attention and, according to some data, would be growing rapidly. This has led some centers specialized in psychological rehabilitation to consider, among the various pathologies, also Netflix addiction.

How to fight Netflix addiction

The first step to escape from this addiction is to have the courage to consider it as such: a disease. According to always some experts, one action to put into practice could be to gradually reduce the viewing of streaming content, or - this is the most difficult - to shut down completely. However, not everyone can do it on their own. In this case it is necessary to go to therapy.

Computers, tablets, smartphones have changed our existence, making it easier. Every now and then, however, it is also good to remember that there is a world out there that is worth living in.