Netflix is on a roll thanks to the success of Stranger Things and Narcos

Netflix closes its third fiscal quarter with an increase in subscribers and revenues well above expectations driven by original and quality TV series

Netflix, the on-demand TV giant, has surprised analysts and investors by presenting more than positive results in Q3, the quarter that runs from July to September, after an unhappy start to the year. And the stock flies on the stock exchange with a rise of up to 20% in the after market.

Netflix, not only did not only hit analysts' estimates, but even went beyond expectations, both in terms of revenue and number of subscribers, recording profits of $51.5 million, a sharp rise from $40.75 million in the same period last year. The most surprising figure, however, concerns subscriptions: Netflix conquista più di tre milioni di nuovi abbonati a livello internazionale – a dispetto di una stima aziendale di soli 2 milioni e 400 mila. Niente male dopo due anni di crescita al rallentatore.

Un mercato ancora tutto da scoprire

immagine-netfli.jpgFonte foto: Netflix

L’offerta di Netflix

Netflix – dallo scorso gennaio – è presente in circa 130 paesi e in molti di questi, come l’Italia, offre programmi completamente tradotti e doppiati nella lingua locale. Il fatto che le stime degli analisti, e della stessa Netflix, soprattutto riguardo al boom degli abbonamenti, significa che si tratta di un mercato ancora in forte evoluzione e difficile da decifrare. Now that the figures for the third quarter of the year have been unveiled, analysts are revising their estimates upwards, hypothesizing a dizzying end of the year with 5.2 million new subscribers globally, of which 1.4 million in the States and 3.75 million in the rest of the world. Also because it must be taken into account that Netflix has also arrived in Poland and Turkey in September.

Stranger Things and Narcos attract new subscribers

A difficult market to decipher, it is true, but what speaks loud and clear is the content made by Netflix. Much of the credit for these extremely encouraging results comes from the two flagship TV series: Stranger Things and Narcos, in addition to the well-established House of Cards. Just to name the most popular TV shows. The strength of Netflix are, in short, the original programs and from the headquarters make it known to have added, just in 2016, 600 hours of new shows, TV series and movies.