Netflix is pay-only: stop the first month free trial

Netflix Italy has eliminated the 30-day free trial. From the U.S. company still no comment on the reasons for the decision

If you're looking for a way to watch Netflix for free, the options available to you have thinned even further. The streaming video giant seems to have decided to eliminate the free month trial, available since its launch in Italy for all users who signed up to the platform.

To tell the truth, as Netflix clarified in a press release, this is only a trial. "We are testing the availability and duration of a free trial to better understand how consumers rate Netflix. These tests typically vary in terms of duration and countries, and may not become permanent."

The news was initially reported by Smartworld, but you only have to log on to the Netflix Italia portal to see that there was no longer any mention of the 30-day free trial. When you try to create a new profile, in fact, you are immediately asked to choose one of the three subscription plans available, without mentioning the free trial. In short, it seems to beĀ one of the many tests that Netflix usually conducts to test the "moods" of users. The decision, moreover, seems to concern only the Italian market.

Why Netflix has decided to eliminate the free trial month

At the moment, the American company has not yet clarified the reasons that pushed it to carry out this test. Perhaps the Italian market has become mature enough to no longer require any trial period. Or, perhaps, a few too many clever people who, using different email addresses, took advantage of it to watch Netflix for free for months on end. For Netflix this is also a test: if the number of new users will remain stable, it could eliminate the promotion in the other countries where it is present.

The video streaming service in the last period is trying to change its bouqet of offers: in India it is about to launch a new rate dedicated only to smartphones, while in the United States is about to increase prices. We'll see if these changes will lead Netflix to increase its number of users even more.