Netflix: le novità di luglio 2021

Netflix rinnova il suo catalogo: a luglio 2021 arrivano tanti film, serie tv, ma anche documentari e anime. Ecco il calendario completo delle novità


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L’estate entra nel vivo e su Netflix arrivano tante novità: film, serie tv, documentari e tanti altri contenuti faranno compagnia al pubblico durante tutto il mese di luglio 2021. Tra questi, spiccano i titoli Netflix Original, pensati per tutti i gusti e le fasce d’età.

La piattaforma di streaming ha deciso di iniziare alla grande: dal 1° luglio sono disponibili ben quattro contenuti, due serie tv e due film. In particular, there is the Italian TV series Generazione 56k, which also stars TheJackal. It continues during the month with one of the most popular series of the channel: the fourth season of Atypical arrives. July also sees the arrival of the second season of Non ho mai..., a comedy-drama television series, which made its debut last year with excellent results. These are just some of the "great returns". Alongside these, there will be many new series to discover, such as Young Royals, a teen drama that tells of the loves and scandals of the Swedish Crown. It would seem to be a sort of mix between Élite and The Crown. In short, the calendar is full. Here are in detail what are the TV series and movies coming out on Netflix in July 2021.

Netflix: TV series coming in July 2021

July will be an intense month, full of new TV series and great returns. There will be, of course, the Netflix Original titles, which over the years have earned the love and enthusiasm of fans, such as Atypical, which will once again tell the story of Sam, a boy with Asperger's syndrome, and his family.

Here's the full schedule of TV series:

July 1: Generation 56k; Young Royals

July 2: Mortal (season 2)

July 4: We The People - Discovering American Democracy

July 7: Man's Best Friends

July 8: Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime; RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness (anime)

July 9: Atypical (season 2); Virgin River (season 3); Biohacker (season 2); Ridley Jones

July 14: Heist: Incredible Heists

July 15: I Never... (season 2); Beatstars (season 2); InuYasha (season 6)

July 21: Sexy Beasts

July 23: Sky Rojo (season 2)

July 27: How to Sell Drugs Online (season 3)

July 28: Glow Up (season 3); Tattoo Redo: New Life to Tattoos

July 30: Outer Banks (season 2); Centaurworld: The World of Centaurs

Netflix: movies coming in July 2021

Aside the TV series, the streaming platform has decided to entertain the summer evenings of its audience with many new movies and documentaries. As always, the genres range from thrillers, horror, up to dramatic and romantic films. No one will be disappointed.

Here's the full schedule of films coming in July:

July 1: Audible; Labyrinth - Where Anything Is Possible

July 2:  Fear Street Part 1: 1994; Haseen Dillruba; The 8th Night

July 7: Cat People (documentary)

July 9: Fear Street Part 2: 1978; The Water Man

July 13: Naomi Osaka; The good doctor

July 14: A classic horror story; Private network: who killed Manuel Buendía?

July 16: Fear Street Part 3: 1666; Deep

July 21: Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans

July 23: Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1; The Last Love Letter; Boyfriends by Chance

July 29: Resort to Love

July 30: The Last Mercenary; John Delorean: Myth and Tycoon