Netflix: prepares a free surprise for kids

It's called Kids Clips and it's a new free section of Netflix that broadcasts short videos, but don't call it TikTok: it's something different

The world's number one streaming platform, that is Netflix, intends to stay that way for a long time to come and, for this reason, continues to experiment with new features that can keep users glued to the screen. Even the youngest users, the children of subscribers in short. The latest feature is called Kids Clips and it's not official yet.

Bloomberg got word from iOS app developer Steve Moser, and then received confirmation from Netflix itself: Kids Clips is coming to iPhone and iPad apps in the US and Latin America. In essence, Kids Clips will be an evolution of "Fast Laughs," which launched in the U.S. in early March 2021, but differs from it in both content and viewing mode. What's still unknown, however, is whether Kids Clips is a simple experiment or a feature destined to arrive for everyone, worldwide.

What is Kids Clips

Kids Clips is a new free section of Netflix, in which children will find many short videos taken from the content dedicated to children already present in the platform's catalog. The idea behind Kids Clips is to show a preview of such content to children, to help them in their choice.

Or perhaps to attract and intrigue them, leading them to spend more time on the platform. What is certain, however, is that Kids Clips will not have an addictive mechanism (in the style of TikTok, to be clear) because a maximum of 20 short videos can be watched consecutively. In this case the overall viewing time would not be low, certainly, but not even remotely comparable to the hours that the very young spend on TikTok today.

Unlike Fast Laughs, which shows content in a portrait format, Kids Clips shows it horizontally to encourage viewing by children, who typically hold their smartphones or tablets in this orientation.

Kids Clips: when it arrives

According to Bloomberg, Kids Clips is already ready to be launched: within this week it could arrive in the US and Latin America, but only on Netflix's iOS app.

It's almost a given that, shortly afterwards, the same feature will also arrive for Android, while it's hard to imagine a date of arrival in other markets, including Italy. Netflix, in fact, has been applying precise and diversified regional policies for some time now, not only for the content and functions offered, but even for the costs of subscriptions.