Netflix seeks translators to hire: how you can apply

Netflix's goal is to improve the subtitles of titles on its platform. Translators will be evaluated through an online test

If you're looking for work and you're pretty good with languages, Netflix might be right for you. The video streaming platform is looking for new people to add to its team of translators in order to improve the offer in the more than 200 countries where it is located.

Of course, first you have to pass a selection: it starts with an online test, which will be used by the American company to assess the linguistic potential of the candidates. Netflix's primary goal is to make content accessible to everyone, considering that not all users know English or one of the languages used in the movies, TV series, documentaries or shows offered by the streaming platform. In particular, the new figures will have to deal with subtitles, mainly translating from English to another language.

How to apply

The test is divided into a series of phases, five to be precise, which must be carried out, according to the instructions provided by the American company, within ninety minutes. Time is of the essence in passing the test. The aim is to assess the candidates' ability to understand English and translate it into their mother tongue. During the various steps of the questionnaire, the future translators will be proposed first of all sentences, where they will have to choose the correct word or the right answer among those displayed, and then dialogues in video clips to be translated from English into their mother tongue. The results will be communicated after a period of 10 days.

If you are interested, this is an opportunity not to be missed.