Netflix: stop AirPlay support for iPhone and iPad

Netflix has removed AirPlay support from the iOS app. Those with an iPad or iPhone can no longer stream content externally. Here's why

Netflix has removed AirPlay support from its iOS app. The service developed by Apple allowed to stream content wirelessly from one device to another, for example from an iPhone or iPad to Apple TV and thus see movies and TV series on the TV screen.

This is what Netflix announced, which without much explanation, has removed this technology from iPhone and iPad. The decision came after several malfunctions occurred in recent months, which produced the discontent of several people. In order to ensure a great user experience, and maintain high quality standards, the platform has taken the decision to eliminate AirPlay, but without replacing it with an equal technology. But there are viable alternatives.

Why Netflix removed AirPlay from the iPad and iPhone app

For a few months now, some Apple users have been complaining that Netflix doesn't work well on iPads and iPhones. Specifically, when activating AirPlay to stream content to external media, the app would freeze, opening an annoying pop-up containing the following error message: "Unable to play the title. Please try again later. (AVF: 11800; OS: 12926)."

Because of these difficulties, Netflix has decided to remove the AirPlay feature from the app dedicated to iOS devices, specifically iPad or iPhone. The official news was released to The Verge in a statement of a few lines, so without much explanation. The video streaming platform said that, in order to maintain an optimal user experience, it has decided to eliminate AirPlay support. The reason? It would have technical limitations that are currently impossible to solve.

Unfortunately, the elimination of such a function does not generate too many difficulties in users, also because those who own Apple TV can download Netflix on the device and watch TV series, movies and documentaries on the big screen. At the same time, Apple users can use Chromecast to stream content from the iPad or iPhone to the TV.