Netflix wants to block password sharing between users

The video streaming giant wants to limit the phenomenon of password sharing between different people, but it's not yet clear how it will do it

Netflix has an enemy, and it wants to defeat it at any cost. No, we're not referring to the various Apple TV+ or Disney+: the sworn enemy of the streaming video giant is the so-called "password sharing" phenomenon.

This is an increasingly widespread practice, which allows multiple users to use the same login credentials to enjoy the content offered by the many online streaming platforms. The only "rule to respect" is the limitation imposed on the maximum number of devices active simultaneously as provided by the subscription subscribed. Netflix that is evaluating a series of measures to be taken to block password sharing. Last September, Spotify introduced geolocation in order to unmask those who do not respect the rules of the Family subscription that allows you to share the same account with six people at the same time as long as they live under the same roof.

The new course of Netflix

The desire to counter the phenomenon of "password sharing" has been announced by Spencer Neumann, CFO of Netflix, although at the moment it is not yet clear what tools the famous streaming platform dedicated to TV series and movies will adopt. But the way has been mapped out, and tough times are ahead for password scammers. Currently, depending on the type of subscription subscribed to, Netflix allows access to its content from a minimum of one device up to a maximum of four devices at the same time, which allows subscribers to share access credentials with friends or family.

Netflix: 3 euro subscription?

In a perspective of expansion Netflix would seem intent on introducing a new subscription for only three euros per month that would allow you to watch the platform only from your smartphone. This is a service already available in India, a low cost subscription that, in addition to bringing new and fresh revenue into the homes of the American giant, could, perhaps, also try to counter the phenomenon of sharing access credentials. In India it has been a success and now Netflix is considering the idea of expanding it to other developing countries.

And in Italy? The activation of a similar subscription in our country for now is only a mere hypothesis. In Italy, as in the rest of Europe, competition is very fierce and the clash with Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ is imminent. Final clash that, in addition to the content offered exclusively, will surely be played on the fateful price of the subscription and its intrinsic characteristics.