Netflix, you can also download movies from Windows 10

Netflix updates the version of the app in the Windows Store giving users the ability to download and watch offline episodes of their favorite TV series

The wait is over: Netflix offline streaming also lands on Windows 10. The American company has just updated the version of its app in the Windows Store by introducing the feature already launched previously on Android devices and those of Apple.

Usersersers from today, according to what we learn, will be able to download on their devices - PCs and smartphones that run with the operating system from Redmond - the favorite titles and then watch them even without an internet connection. Exactly as it happens with the application in the Google and iOS markets. The service will be available only for some content watched. The feature, clamored for by the streaming platform's audience, is very useful especially on the move or in those areas where internet coverage - both mobile and at home - is not so optimal to see the titles offered by the American company.

Offline streaming on Windows 10

The offline streaming of the Netflix app for Windows 10 is very simple and works like the Android and iOS versions. As mentioned, the functionality is restricted to only a limited amount of content. You must first check whether a title is downloadable or not. It will be enough to open the app and go to the "Available for download" section. Once downloaded, the episode of your favorite TV series - or a movie, a documentary - can be "recalled" by going to "My Downloads". Obviously, in order to use the new feature, you must first update the app on PCs and all mobile devices running Windows 10.