New Google Nest camera: it’s smart and battery-powered

Google launches a new cloud-based security camera: it's smart and battery-powered and offers interesting and useful features, but the price is well above the competition.

Google updates the Nest Cam surveillance camera range with a high-priced model, but with remarkable technical features and functionalities: it's the new battery-powered Nest Cam for indoor and outdoor use (the same model can be used both indoors and outdoors).

The new Nest Cam offers a bit of all the features that the advanced user expects from a modern and smart IP camera, some of which, however, are only available by signing up for a monthly subscription to the Nest Aware cloud service, available in two versions and prices. The same camera, in practice, behaves differently: if connected to the cloud some features are unlocked, otherwise not. The price, however, remains the same: 199.99 euros, not bad if we look at the numerous and fierce competition and, above all, if we consider the fact that the real novelties of the Nest Cam battery are unlocked only with the Nest Aware subscription, to be paid separately.

Google Nest Cam: technical features

The new Nest Cam by Google is a small camera with built-in battery and elegant design, clean and discreet. It features a 2 MP sensor, 6X digital zoom, 130 degree field of view (so a wide angle lens). It records video at the maximum resolution of 1080p (at 30 fps), in HDR even at night.

It has a motion sensor, which makes it activate only when a person, animal or car enters the camera's field of view (up to 115 degrees, a little less than the total field of view).

It automatically records, in the internal memory and without the need for a cloud subscription, up to 3 hours of video. But only the video recorded after automatic activations: you can't choose what to record and when without a Nest Aware subscription.

Audio is two-way and the connection is Wi-Fi, but only at 2.4 GHz: the signal reaches farther, but it's the most crowded frequency in modern homes.

Google Nest Cam attaches to the wall mount via a proprietary magnet and charges with a slow 7.5-watt power supply included in the box, along with the 1-meter cable. Google makes no mention of the battery life of this model, so we don't know how long the battery lasts.

There are also weatherproof 5- and 10-meter cables for outdoor mounting, but they are sold separately. The camera is IP54 certified, so it resists dust and water splashes, but it's best to mount it in a sheltered spot if you live in very rainy areas.

Google Nest Aware: the cloud subscription

Just by signing up for a Nest Aware subscription you can unlock Nest Cam's coolest features.

For example, the extension of event video history from 3 hours to 30 days, which is unlocked with the minimum subscription of 5 euros per month (or 50 euros per year). To get 60 days of video event history and 10 days of H24 history, instead, you need to subscribe for 10 euros per month (or 100 euros per year).

With both subscriptions, however, you unlock certain notifications, which are sent to the Google Home app on the user's smartphone, such as a dog barking or a person talking. You don't need the subscription, however, to draw a notification trigger area within that taken by the camera.